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Trying to Judge Food Intake/Cals



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  • Trying to Judge Food Intake/Cals

    Hello All,

    My name is James and I am new to the forum and relatively new to the Primal scene, I posted up my info in the meet and greet thread. For the time being I am eating pretty much strictly paleo because my girlfriend did a challenge through her crossfit gym and I thought it would be perfect timing to start my Paleo adventure which will turn into a Primal plan eventually. I have been paleo for 4 full weeks now, starting my 5th as of now.

    I’m trying to judge my caloric burn throughout the day, help would be appreciated here:
    I have a FitBit one which I love, I usually track about 10,000 (min) – 14,000 steps a day and I’m following the primal workout plan which includes sprinting one day a week, 2 weight sessions and an HIIT day.
    I occasionally hike on the weekends so my step count is pretty consistent even on “off days”

    Would this be considered moderately active? I have a desk job but still walk 5+ miles/day, workout 4x week and hike on the weekends…
    I’m currently taking in about 2300-2500 cals/day (tracked it for a week and hitting about 45% fat, 30-35% protein, rest carbs) so I should be seeing some weight loss at 165 lbs? I have been stuck here at this weight for about a year, and I’m trying to work out less as the primal workout plan is much less lifting than I am used to because I used to follow straight bodybuilding routines.

    Do you think I need to eat more for a bit? I feel like because I have been dieting pretty much since 2010, I might need to change things up but I’m afraid of packing on that fat again

    Thanks for any help and I love the website and forum!

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    Your Fitbit should be giving you a calories burned. Steps is motivational information tied to motivational numbers that were created for psychological, not physiological, reasons. So, calories burned. Average calories burned over a week - 500 = eating is a pretty standard formula for weight loss.
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      If you wish to lose weight, eating more will have the opposite effect. Try mixing it up, light days, heavy days, and days when you hit your target. What matters is your weekly deficit, not daily.