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Struggling finding good organic food sources



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  • Struggling finding good organic food sources


    I've recently converted to primal living and need your help! I've read myself half way through The Primal Blueprint and been primal for the last month. I live in the northernmost part of Norway, close to Russia, which is a really remote place. I'm struggling with finding organic vegetables and meet, and locally produced food is more or less impossible to find (hey, nothing really grows here...). And on top of that Norway is one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to eating organic foods.

    After reading the primal blueprint I get the impression that non-organic/grass-fed beef is more or less of the limit, as well as non-organic imported fruits and veggies. Since following these rules would more or less lead to starvation I need your help in finding good alternatives!

    In my case, can I keep on eating the non organic and many times GMO stuff or is there any good alternatives? Is frozen veggies better than fresh or is the amount of pesticides the same? How do you people in remote areas handle this? Perhaps any norwegians here who knows if there is any good website to buy online from? No luck on google for me so far...


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    Buy and eat what you can find and afford. Frozen...not sure about pesticides but nutritional excellent because the freezing process does a great job of preserving nutrients. Just remember that even if you're not eating organically or buying grass fed, as long as you're eating real food, you're still doing a hell of a lot better than most SAD out there.
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      Only a couple of suggestions: You may be able to find an organic meat supplier on the internet? I have done this, not an obvious choice - i.e to get it delivered, but it can work. Also you can sometimes get frozen wild fish in supermarkets - such as wild salmon, also fish such as pollock is wild, from sustainable sources and cheap, although its a bit bland and usually needs a decent recipie!

      Can I ask what may sound like a ridiculous question: Do they farm reindeer in the North of Norway? I was led to believe this is true? I remember seeing a documentary about Reindeer herders.
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        Not a ridiculous question at all! And yes, they do. There are reindeers running around here everywhere. I just moved up here a month ago from Sweden (where I found heaps more of organic stuff) and haven't really got the hang of everything yet. I've found frozen reindeer meet here, which unfortunately is quite expensive. Tho I heard that it is supposed to be a lot cheaper in northern Sweden, so if I have any luck I can find someone who travels up through Sweden and ask them to buy for me. It's supposed to be around 1/10 (!) of the price there.

        When looking at organic meet online all i could find was to either buy 90kg beef (a whole cow...) at once or 4 cheeps that where alive. None of the options seemed really tempting so I'll keep on looking!

        Regarding salmon the season for wild salmon hasn't started yet, but hopefully I'll find a place who sells it here in late summer. Haven't had any luck yet over the frozen counter.