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Are their any cultures that skip breakfast?

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    Originally posted by eig View Post
    Maybe its just a collage student thing but I kind of thought ours was, at least in practice. Everyone knows the CW ideal of always getting breakfast but I never knew anyone that actually got breakfast every morning. Most students I know get up just in time to roll out of bed and plop into a desk chair, then they eat after. My parents never really ate breakfast either. My dad especially; he might have a piece of dry toast, then eat nothing til dinner. Personally, breakfast foods aren't my favorite so I often skip it. Especially when school is in session.
    I would have to agree with this. I would literally get up with enough time to throw on some pants and walk to class. Morning classes were hell for me. I'd have bigger meals around lunch or dinner. Almost always pasta. Of course this was probably why I was so tired in the morning (crappy nutrition-deficient diet).

    Nowadays, I will only have breakfast if I wake up early and know I have an incredibly long day ahead of me. In that case, lunch is usually lacking in quantity.
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      I have always eaten breakfast, I lived with my family throughout my BSc, and I made my own when I did MSc. And packed lunches. I don't think I have ever skipped breakfast, unless I fasted or when I started IF under Lean Gain influences. And it rarely works well. I just get hungry and tend to binge
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        thanks everybody for chiming in!


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          I eat breakfast every day. Not because its "healthy" or "jumpstarts your metabolism" or because my culture dictates it, but because I am outrageously hungry within 30 min of waking up.


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            I googled this question and couldn't find anything. I used both "breakfast" and "morning meal," in my searches.

            On the days that I eat two meals instead of one, I break my fast at about 3pm and then eat a late supper at about 10pm. Probably eating so late is one of the reasons that I don't wake up hungry.

            I'm guessing that technically, every culture eats breakfast because no matter when you have your first meal after you've slept, you're breaking the fast.
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              I'll see I can find the source but my husband read somewhere that many norse communities didn't eat until lunch and then again at dinner, usually having hot broth at "breakfast" -- bulletproof style, I guess.


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                What about traditional cultures?