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Cravings for raw ground meat

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    I eat raw meat on the regular. Thankfully now I eat grass-fed/finished raw meat, but when I was little, I definitely snuck chunks of raw meat.... That definitely wasn't properly raised- whoops!LOL!


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      Wow, great to hear from you all. Thanks for the responses. I was never worried it would make me sick...I've been doing it for 30 years and so far so good. When I was a kid our beef was all conventional but over the past 10 years I get all my meat in bulk from the ranch. It's frozen but very fresh. I was mostly just curious. Sounds like not alone on this one. Guess what I'm having for breakfast Yummm....


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        I eat raw fish regularly but I've never been able to find a source of ground meat I trust enough to consume raw. I'm dying to try steak tartare.
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          I crave it. just walking past a field with cows in makes me hungry. Vitamin B6 is damaged by heat so maybe the cooking process is something that we need to skip now and again. Interestingly vitb6 is found in grains so maybe going grain free means we seek it elsewhere. listen to your inner animal nomnom.
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