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    I think there's a wild-card out there now in the Internet and the big IT firms/people - the likes of Bill Gates and Richard Branson. These people and firms have resources and presence, but they have no interest ... as yet. Should one of them stumble into an understanding of the perils of CW, well, that might be interesting.
    Bill Gates is a Monsanto shareholder.



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      Originally posted by MEversbergII View Post
      Bill Gates is a Monsanto shareholder.


      "The world today has 6.8 billion people... that's headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."
      -Bill Gates


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        Never forget that bad food compromises your ability to reason... big time...

        things that i used to accept hook line and sinker i now wonder who could even begin the line of reasoning that ends where they are...

        it isn't just education. it is the lack of contaminates in my system, in my brain.
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          good,while it is pure, utter greed, and not a conspiracy, I still find the whole thing kinda evil.


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            How about the generations of gullible masses conditioned to believe that the government has their best interest at heart, and can and will strive to make everyone equal in security, health, and education? We just have to leave it to them.
            As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again.


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              Originally posted by Jennifla View Post
              How about the generations of gullible masses conditioned to believe that the government has their best interest at heart, and can and will strive to make everyone equal in security, health, and education? We just have to leave it to them.
              What I like about this movement is that it makes point that people have to do this for themselves. The government might be getting it completely wrong, although they don't always - our National Health Service's 'five-a-day' campaign is in my view an example of one strand of government doing the right thing, but as a general rule, you have to do these things off your own back - I agree.
              Healthy is the new wealthy.



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                Originally posted by Owen View Post
                Pseudo-healthy processed foods: margarine / added fiber breakfast cereals / low fat yoghurts, skimmed milk. They all require technology to make them, and promote industry, jobs etc. They all get amazing press in our media. Its been going on for 50 odd years now. Its an entire economy.
                It's sort of been a 10,000 year trend if you think about it.

                Neolithic people invented lame farming ideas, men shrank in height to 5'4", everyone got cavities, disease, lifespans decreased.

                There were smart people back then too, pointing out hunting was better than corn. But once humans turn something on they can't agree to turn it off. Industry!

                Meh, also the US is obsessed with maximizing GPD and doesn't consider externalities like human health.

                I know, it's lame.


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                  It is supply and demand. If people didn't buy their crappy food, there would not be a market for the processed stuff. If people didn't bow down at the alter of Big Medical and Big Pharma every time they had the sniffles, there would not be as big a market for drugs as there is.

                  I think the overall problem is too big to be a conspiracy, there may be elements of a conspiracy in there somewhere but overall, it is idiots buying into the hype of modern CW.
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                  Originally posted by texas.grok
                  Facebook is to intelligence what a black hole is to light


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                    Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
                    +1 except I do think that now it's a conspiracy. Like the Big Pharma execs that don't let their grandchildren get vaccinated, I believe Big Agra doesn't eat the shit it produces - it just sells it to the ignorant masses.
                    Absolutely! I think their greed fostered conspiracy.
                    Some people just need a sympathetic pat... On the head... With a hammer.


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                      It is a monster created by our rampant consumerism. People spend all of their money on "stuff" and only have a little left for food. They seek out cheap sources of calories.

                      The market demanded cheap calories, the producers, well, produced.

                      Since eating all of this garbage made us feel like shit, we turned to the medical community to fix us.

                      So now we spend most of our money on stuff, the majority of the remainder on medical bills/prescription drugs and now we have even LESS to spend on food.

                      So we demand a cheaper source of calories and the cycle continues.
                      The above should be viewed as complete and utter nonsense.


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                        Originally posted by KimchiNinja View Post

                        Meh, also the US is obsessed with maximizing GPD and doesn't consider externalities like human health.

                        I know, it's lame.
                        I think you don't understand what stimulates GDP, healthy people do not increase GDP, they don't need to go to the doctors, don't need meds, don't buy diet books, don't need to keep buying larger size clothes, don't buy fast food, the list goes on and on. Overweight and sick people stimulate the economy and that increases GDP.
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                          Originally posted by Owen View Post
                          So there's quite a few things going on really:

                          1) The 'magpie factor' - people like things in shiny packaging
                          2) Bad science encouraging, amongst other things, fear of fat
                          3) Food companies being able to sell very cheap ingredients as a 'solution' to those fears
                          4) Individuals and companies standing to make a profit are permitted to disseminate misleading and incorrect nutrition information in advertising as an exercise of "free speech".

                          I think the processed foods that are marketed as 'healthy' are arguably more dangerous than, for example, chocolate bars, which at least don't even pretend to be healthy in the first place.

                          This gets so many people confused, I believe.
                          People know sugar is bad for them. They just have no idea how much sugar they are getting and what it compares to. Like that "healthy" low-fat yogurt with more sugar than ice cream... By focusing their attention on the fully discredited fat nontroversy, they keep people from asking the wrong questions.


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                            greed + consumerism + corrupted goverment.

                            It's not a conspiracy, it's capitalism, and everyone is watching his own interest: the vendor, the buyer and the ruler.


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                              There's a lot of sense being spoken here. Its so true that the 'economy' is primarily built around the consumption of goods that are unnecessary, usually to the detriment of our dietary needs. We consume burgers and fries, whilst trawling the shopping centres worrying about which shoes go with which shirt, agonizing over whether we have the latest mod cons.

                              When the 'economy' is reported in the media, its a black and white story - is it doing well? Is it doing badly? As though that is a measure of a life well lived! The economic downturn was actually the beginning my waking up to health issues and looking for answers. There is some evidence that junk food is just as popular in lean times, where people are looking for a cheap mood-boost, but in my case, it was the opposite. I had less money but started buying only the best quality foods.

                              During the recession UK insect and bird populations began to recover.
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                              Healthy is the new wealthy.



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                                I know that there are a lot of great people out there. But, all you have to do is google enron tapes and listen to some of the phone conversations of the "powers that be" at Enron. Logic would have to suggest that there are at least some people in power and in food production that are of the same mindset.