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Long term malnutrition - effects and reversal.

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  • Long term malnutrition - effects and reversal.

    Whilst filling in a fitday food log, I looked at the nutritional log and found it was actually quite difficult to come up with a range of foods that in 2200 calories or less, met the daily recommended daily average nutritional values whilst at the same time meeting the MDA guidelines. Liver and Spinach seem to be something of a winning combination on the nutritional front.

    I've eaten a fairly shabby diet for a decade. Very little in the way of fresh fruit and veg, plenty of high carb with meat dishes, curry with rice, chilli with rice, spaghetti bolognese etc made by myself rather than a pre-made. I would also eat 3 or four chocolate bars at one time and lived on cake and biscuits but never really a soft drink fan. As a result I've 56lbs to lose.

    Given that, what is the likelyhood that I've done myself some serious damage and can the body recover from the years of abuse?

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    I'm no expert but i would say yes. When i was in between trying to eat healthy CW and exercise i would go on spurts for a couple months at a time that i didn't care about my diet and i would live off of mcdonalds burgers and fries and dominoes pizza and taco bell and anything fast and terrible for you can imagine for three to six meals a day, not to mention vending machine food at my work (stuff would sit in there for weeks and not go bad) then i would switch to a "healthy" diet and not lose any of the weight i had gained even though i was eating under 2000 Kcals a day and exercising profusely so i would do that for a couple months and make a few lbs of progress then get discouraged and go back to eating more crap cause if i was gonna be fat and have to starve myself for very little progress i figured i might as well enjoy what i was eating. I went primal almost three months ago and I have been pretty strict - beer and other bad stuff on the weekends and i have lost 30+ lbs my insomnia is gone i'm only 26 but i used to feel like i was in my 50's now i feel like i'm younger than i was before. I never feel like i'm missing out or being deprived, and since I went primal it re-fueled my passion for cooking. Before i went primal i couldn't tell you the last time i ate a vegetable, sure there was lettuce on my burgers and tacos but other than that they were few and far between.