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I'm furious. How to stop being mad controlling and let go!

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    I've given up on dieting and just listen to my body now. My eating varies from day to day in terms of quantity and make up of the food. Somedays I eat VLC, some days, like yesterday, I eat a ton of carbs. On Sunday I barely ate anything. I think our bodies just need different supplies of food and keeping a strict diet in terms of calorie count and macros doesn't support that. I do stick to core primal foods.

    I think we all got so fouled up on processed foods that kind of lie to us that we've forgotten how to trust ourselves. It's been a leap of faith for me to step away from calorie counting, but despite only being down a pound or two, I'm throwing out another batch of clothes as they are too big and feeling stronger and better than ever.

    Someone once told me that food=fuel. I think to get to that mentality, you need to eliminate the food that lies to you (junk/processed). Then you need to stop the emotional aspect of certain healthy foods being "bad" or off limits. If you need a potato, you need a potato. If you need a banana, you need a banana. Then you need to accept that how much food you need may be more or less than you expected.

    I had a great epiphany last night. 2 days in a row at CF were brutal. I pushed and did it. And last night I was CRAVING a cuban sandwich. So I ate it and it made me feel better. I needed a fast hit of carbs coupled with some fat and salt. Most of the time that is not what I need, but last night it replenished me from a drained feeling. Today I woke up wanting a protein shake and simpler foods. I'm not a bad person for eating a cuban sandwich, and there may have been better choices, but I gave my body what it asked for. My body doesn't always ask for that. But I feel topped off today and ready for more CF and craving clean, light foods.
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      Great post^.
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