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    Originally posted by Allenete View Post
    Thanks for that! very informative.

    The chocolate I have is just cocoa mass, nothing else added at all. No sugar of any form. Says it's from the Dominican Republic, Trinitario Species.

    Someone asked where I got it: Koko Black, in Canberra. The only place in the state that sells 100%.

    What will I do with it? Eat it! As for the cacao beans, not sure yet. I've had a few straight and I like them, but any ideas on what I could do with them would be cool...
    I'm in the ACT regularly, do you have their address?

    I'posted a link to a recipe using cocoa powder and coconut oil, been doing variations of this recipe for a while, but can't seem to keep up with demand, only downfall is you need to keep it in the fridge cause the coconut oil melts at just over room temp.

    Edit: Found it, looks a bit Swish, may be out of the price range, I like to buy bulk and DIY as much as possible.
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      How big was the block you bought, I could only find small size retail blocks, did a search for "cooking" and all that came up was the powder.
      Koko Black, Buy Chocolate Online or In-Salon, Chocolate Gift Boxes
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        Hi friends, the way I would use the nibs is to fold them into some whipped cream for a chocolatey crunch with some berries, or add them to a smoothie. Coffee and chocolate are BFFs. When I was in Paris they used to serve a chocolate covered hazelnut with coffee. People would drop the nut in the coffee and let the chocolate melt off, then enjoy the warm nut at the bottom. There's a French restaurant in my town which brews coffee by mixing cocoa powder with the coffee grounds. It's a little out of season for us in the states right now, but you could make hot chocolate with either the solid chocolate or cocoa powder. Italian hot chocolate is fantastic. It uses minimal sugar but it does use cornstarch to thicken, so you would need to find a suitable substitute. What about a flourless chocolate cake or chocolate mousse? Also, boiling water or other very hot liquid brings out the flavor of cocoa powder. That's why you see a lot of chocolate cake recipes call for cocoa powder mixed with either hot coffee or boiling water. Also don't forget you can make ganache with the solid chocolate. That stuff would be VERY intense because the chocolate is unsweetened. However, heavy cream has some natural sweetness to it which might take the bitterness out. Typically ganache is a 1:1 ratio (for example 8 oz heavy cream to 8 oz chocolate). However, you would need to use more heavy cream since you are lacking a lot of the cocoa butter which gives it the softness. I notice when I use a 75% chocolate for ganache with a 1:1 ratio it is very stiff after being spread. Not hard, but almost kind of crumbly. It still melts in your mouth though. Maybe start out with a 1.5:1 ratio with cream being higher. Once you get it to a consistency you like, you can use it all kinds of ways. Use it as a sauce or let it firm up for truffles. Or you could make a nice almond or coconut crust and use the ganache as a filling. Lots of possibilities!


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          I like the beans whole. Nibs are good, but the beans are even better. I like to keep them in the freezer, they taste great frozen. Got to buy more...
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            I don't think there's any doubt that chocolate is very good and totally primal. The key to preserving its benefits is to avoid adding sugar to it as far as possible and to avoid unneccessary processing including heating. It's trying to strike the balance.
            This is a good article about cacao in general :Raw Chocolate Health Benefits You MUST know! - BuiltLean
            I like the coffee bean diagram.
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              This is the one Omni. Not a big block at all, pricey, but worth it for me!

              The address is Canberra Centre, Bunda st.