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    I use fermented cod liver oil by green pastures , high quality.

    Tinned fish always in spring water. Nothing else .
    There's several shops In markets in london that sell them like shepards bush etc.



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      Wild Planet canned fish has no added oils, but it's expensive. Next best is olive oil.

      But best if to eat fresh fish daily.

      Also "Fish Oil" is not the same as "Omega-3". But I'd guess that fish oil from anchovies, sardines, mackrel, etc. are pretty close.
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        Canned fish are just as nutritious as fresh, if not MORE SO! So definitely stock up on those cans And canned salmon is always wild!


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          Originally posted by GiGiEats View Post
          And canned salmon is always wild!
          Also, Zubas are always wild.
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            Originally posted by richmahogany View Post
            also, zubas are always wild.
            lol !!!:d
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              Trader Joe's wild caught sardines in spring water which I drain and then smother with raw organic onions and Kirkland Extra Virgin Organic olive oil ( which by the way is one of the very few Olive Oils that the University of California Davis has tested and found to be 100% olive oil - note I don't believe they sell this in Costco and order this online ). This is one of my meals ( typically eaten along with organic raw almonds and RAW 100% organic grass fed cheese ) every single day...