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Antioxidant protection is bunk

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  • Antioxidant protection is bunk

    Nutrient Data Products and Services

    Old news to a lot of you guys here, but only recently had I heard it questioned (within the last few months) and only in the last few weeks did I look into it. Even the FDA's taken their ORAC scale down - it means nothing.

    Well, I guess we can stop expressing how good things are based on it's antioxidant content. Interestingly, health books/sites published this year do still seem to be up about AO's still. Makes me question them a bit more, now.


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    What! Next thing you know they'll be questioning the concept of "superfoods"!


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      Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
      What! Next thing you know they'll be questioning the concept of "superfoods"!

      I think that for almost anyone that ever took an organic chemistry class, the whole antioxidant thing seemed a little suspect.Seeing as the entire CONCEPT of free radicals and oxidizing species within the body is heavily disputed, I was never taking any of that magazine filler garbage to the bank.

      I think the biggest crime that a lot of the conventional wisdom puts out there, information wise, is what we refer to in medicine as "disease marker intervention treatment". What it says is that a person can go decades without giving a rats ass about their health, and then once the markers start to evidence this (atherosclerosis, HTN, NIDDM, the whole slew of metabolic syndrome), then their magazine seller and Dr Oz ideas can come in and move the dial. It's a crime to me.

      They say that these people can make minor changes, usually ill-advised ones, and just start to eat "magic bullet foods" like eKatherine referenced. They say "You can still eat pretty much like you were, but take in a little less fat and cholesterol. Eat whole grains if you can....and eat a lot of aqai, blueberries, and other AO killers that are the 'real culprit' here. Try walking some"

      There is no information so destructive as masking half measures as solutions.... I would like to personally shake every doctor that does this, because it is medical negligence in my opinion. I say something to the degree of "Listen to me. You have metabolic syndrome due to probably many years of not taking of yourself like you should. Lamenting that doesn't help you right now, but here is what you need to know: You need to overhaul your diet and activity regimen. If you do not, you are cutting years off your life. Make no mistake."

      That usually wakes them up a little, especially my patient base for those kind of talks (VA hospital). A few blueberries don't fend off cancer or make you healthy....then I hand them a reading list and a resource guide.

      And guess whose book is on the list?
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        I'd been skeptical, as I am about everything, but I think I started to slip into that "want to believe" zone. Good thing I didn't go nuts! It is also a good thing I have the capacity to change my mind, though it bugs my SO a little as she pointed out last night.



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          The Huffington Post "Superfoods of the month" series ought to make anyone rethink the basis behind dietary recommendations we get from the media.