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Heavy cream, is it too good to be true?

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    Originally posted by november View Post
    Ugh apparently the answer for me is "Yes, it is too good to be true". Let's just say it involved my having nothing to do but stay home and work on a school project I really don't want to do, feeling really sorry for myself, and realizing that I have an ice cream maker and a nearly full pint bottle of cream. -1 for november, +1 for casomorphins or whatever the hell it is that makes the stuff so damn addictive! And it's so concentrated so what appears to be a reasonable sized bowl of homemade ice cream has literally 1,000 calories! Of course if I had a modicum of self-control, I suppose it wouldn't be a problem. Blah. Maybe tomorrow would be a good day for a nice water fast, considering that cronometer tells me I have consumed 219% of my alotted calories for the day!
    I bought some 4-1/2oz wine glasses to eat homemade ice cream out of. I don't pack the ice cream in, and they only hold about 3-1/2oz by weight.