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VLC paleo 4th July dessert????

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  • VLC paleo 4th July dessert????

    Does it even exist????

    Unfortunately the only way my body will drop weight is if I eat high fat, moderate protein and tons of veggies. I can get away with eating a handful of almonds or nuts per day as snacks.

    I'm looking for an awesome 4th July low carb paleo approved recipe. I've been looking at Atkins Induction recipes, but almost all of them contain artificial sweeteners and fake ingredients.

    Ugh anyone have any great ideas???? Thanks!!!!

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    I made tiramisu, which only had about 20ml maple syrup.
    Same with cookies, with no added sugar.

    Both of these were based on dessicated or shredded coconut, almond meal, eggs and butter. Cookies had lots of almond butter.
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      It's serious berry season, like, right now. Go to a farm, pick some berries, and coat them with heavy cream. Add a little stevia if you want sweetness.
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        You could make something, anything that looks reasonable to you as far as ingredients go. Just use liquid Stevia in lieu of artificial sweetener.


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          Thanks!!!! Trying to decide if I want to break ketosis since I'm eating below 50 grams carbs per day???


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            You could do stevia- sweetened stewed rhubarb with lots of cinnamon and vanilla, served with a big gob of whipped cream. Depending on where you are, you might even be able to forage the rhubarb


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              Mascarpone with berries.
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                Chocolate butter! See the recipe at the end of my blog post:
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                  Something involving coconut milk or oil. Like a liquid fat bomb (cream/coconut milk/egg/vanilla/ice) you could make it set by adding gelatine?

                  Or Nama chocolate. (Chocolate/cream)

                  Or chocolate custard (coconut milk/ dark chocolate/ whipped cream/cinnamon)

                  Paleo Ice cream?

                  There's are loads of recipes online.
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                    Yum!!!!! Paleo ice cream. Thanks for the tip!!!


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                      Originally posted by kiwigal View Post
                      Ugh anyone have any great ideas???? Thanks!!!!
                      Chilled berries, dipped in melted dark chocolate.

                      Either eat them naked with your lover at once, or refrigerate and serve at the family meal dessert.
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                        Cut a fresh peach into thirds Wrap each with prosciutto. Grill. Thank me in the morning.
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                          You could try a fruit fool - sauté some berries in butter until soft, then push through a sieve, and stir through whipped cream. Looks as though you've spent hours cooking, when it's only taken a few minutes!


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                            Watermelon Cake. Google it at Paleocupboard. Essentially watermelon cut into a cake shape, dried off a bit, 'frosted' with whipped coconut cream, and topped with berries. Use blueberries on top, and you'll have a red, white, and blue dessert.


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                              I would make a huge mold of berry jello set with gelatin. Old fashioned, yes, but very patriotic if you get the colors right, lol.

                              You can also just dip berries in dark chocolate or make truffles.

                              Pumpkin brownies will need sweetener, but they are pretty good and low carb as well. I did a version with sweet potato, pumpkin will be lower in carbs.
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