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Halitosis/bad breath since moving to Asia. Any suggestions to improve it?

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  • Halitosis/bad breath since moving to Asia. Any suggestions to improve it?

    Used to live in Scotland, typical primal diet, never had any breath problems. Could brush my teeth once a day and my breath would be fine.
    Been living in Singapore for a month now and I've noticed that my breath smells. Doesn't seem to matter if I brush 3 times a day, with mouth wash once, there is still an underlying odour. My diet has changed, Singapore is carb heaven and its very hard (and expensive) to eat primally here. As a result I'm eating a lot more fruit and simple carbs.
    I can't think the carbs is causing this though. Does anything have any suggestions to either cure or prevent the bad breath I'm experiencing? - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore

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    When I recently went on holiday for two weeks, I had to eat indian vegetarian food for the whole time due to lack of choice. The food was very simple carby (mostly rice, wheat, legumes - basically anti-paleo) and I suffered from the same symptoms you mention above. When primal, I can go (don't judge) a day without brushing and still have fresh breath. I found that after I ate these carby meals, my breath would start to smell soon after and HOMAGAWD i'd wake up in the morning feeling like a rat crawled into my mouth and died there. Not to mention plaque buildup which i never have eating lower carb paleo.
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      And also, I was born in, and have spent more than half of my life in Malaysia. Boy do a lot of people have funky morning breath there. It is most definitely diet related.
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        Do you floss regularly?
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          Okay that is interesting pabs.
          I've never needed to floss because my breath has never smelled.
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            Flossing in the morning, before bed time and eating gum is pretty much fixing any dental problems for me
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              What "simple carbs" ? Processed sugars?

              Are you eating home prepared foods ?( stuff you make and know what is in them)

              How about fish, veg, white steamed/boiled rice ( no junk oils), fruit. No wheat based noodles.


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                How are your allergies doing in Singapore? I've noticed that allergies can lead to post nasal drip which can give bad breath regardless of brushing.

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