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  • Asian import haul

    There are some nice import markets in my area. The location and hours are not friendly but I made it today. I noticed:

    Items difficult to find elsewhere
    • chicken feet
    • dehydrated chestnuts
    • daikon, taro, cassava, purple yams, lotus root, burdock root (fresh and frozen)

    Items found elsewhere but cheaper at import
    • frozen shrimp and other shellfish
    • dried mushrooms
    • konjac noodles, kelp noodles
    • coconut oil, coconut milk, ghee
    • tapioca/potato/acorn flour

    Items found elsewhere but more interesting at import
    • canned fish (e.g. Pacific saury)
    • seaweed
    • kimchi, tsukemono, other pickles
    • tea, coffee
    • root and vegetable snacks made with palm kernel oil

    That said I was surprised at all the canola oil and HFCS. The aisles of sauces and pastes were so daunting I got dizzy trying to make sense of them. I have a weakness for dubious Chinese takeout so I'd love to learn how to capture some of the elusive flavors at home.

    What to grab next time?

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    I'm jealous!

    What do you do with the chicken feet?


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      Ha. I shop at those on a regular basis, living in my area, Asian grocery stores are around every corner in sone neighborhoods. They can be overwhelming to those not used to ingredients in Asian cooking.

      You can make chicken feet dim sum style...I just boil and dip them in chinkiang vinegar.
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        We can get chicken feet in a couple of the regular groceries here. If the pastured vs aspect isn't an issue for you, they're supposed to make some of the most gelatinous broth ever.
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          As you probably know, there have been FDA raids at Asian groceries for unapproved fish imports and warnings about food packaged in China. In my state at least, food repackaged at the grocery doesn't have to be labeled at all, which my local grocery takes full advantage of. :-/ So since I don't know where the food came from and I have questions about the safety about the packaged food that is labeled from China, I don't buy anything at my local Asian grocery. (Our largest stores are Chinese, and then we have some smaller Indian stores.)
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            The one asian grocery I visited had all meats, chicken, and fish in frozen packages. Most of it, esp. The fish, looked freezer burned.


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              We have a korean market near-by (less than 2 miles) that I have yet to go into, maybe I should see whats up. I already shop at the local bodegas, so an asian market might be nice.


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                Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
                they're supposed to make some of the most gelatinous broth ever.
                Exactly, I make a lot of soup stock but I read that feet, knuckles, and other joints are the best parts so I was on the lookout.

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                  Lotus roots are one of my favorites! Make sure that the ones at your store are fresh. (One of the problems with Asian grocery stores is that the produce is sometimes not fresh, and lotus roots can sometimes be moldy.) If you find some fresh lotus roots, you can make this:

                  Baked Lotus Root Chips | jugalbandi

                  I recommend boiling instead of microwaving. These chips are amazing!

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