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Bulking with bodyweight training and Primal eating

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    Originally posted by mightstone2k View Post
    Ahhhh, okay. I misunderstood you. I have Overcoming Gravity and Never Gymless, so I have some really good source material on how to progress bodyweight exercises. It just seems like few people try adding mass this way. Probably because it's not as easy, but... it's possible and that's all I need.
    Excellent. I love Never Gymless, Ross Enamait's work is excellent.

    Julia: going to 4K a day terrifies me. I'm bumping up to 2500/3500 and I'll see how that works. Maybe down the line I'll go to 2500/4000. My game plan is to fill the gaps with cheese right now. It's high calorie, fair amount of protein, and easier to find raw, grass-fed and/or organic than meat. Once I get back to Chicago I may reassess that.
    I would suggest slowly increasing calories to the point where you're gaining weight steadily. If you're not gaining weight or even losing weight, it's a sign that you need to up the calories. If you gain weight with 2,500 calories, stick to it. Making drastic jumps in calories is a great way to gain the wrong kind of weight.

    Don't eat until it hurts, don't do GOMAD, just steadily increase calories until you're gaining weight steadily. No reason to take extreme measures.

    So in short: this is possible, I just need to eat more and use progressive overloading?
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      You can sure build muscle on a high rep bodyweight program, but it is important to go close to real failure on a few sets, concentric & eccentric, and make progress on what you are doing! Pyramiding up to an ALL OUT set on an exercise with negatives after concentric failure is a method that works for muscle building. You must also be in a calorie surplus with enough protein, carbs and fat…
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        totally hear you on being skeered to death about adding in more calories

        i agree with jake, mind your calories, mind your weight, add a little at a time, see what
        happens and go from there

        don't be too frightened though, i do believe that:

        A.) dudes lose weight just thinking about losing weight

        B.) you probably wouldn't gain weight on 4kcal daily

        but that's just cuz you're a dude, and precisely the reason dudes and i are in a perpetual
        fight.... bwahahahaha!

        anyway, good luck and KEEP US POSTED... OR ELSE




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          Terrified I'll get a thread started in the journals and link to it here.
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            my work here is done

            >dust hands and evaporates into a cloud of smoke<


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              Here is my journal, wherein I shall track my progress:

              Please talk back! I would like to talk more with like-minded people and get my own little tribe going. If you want to know more about me, thread comments or PMs are welcome. I have tried the challenges at Nerd Fitness, and they usually turn into me posting my workout in the void. I almost never finish the challenge. InSearchofAbs, you threatened me into creating a journal! Stay in touch over there
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