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    Hi guys im 22 I tried the paleo diet for a month and felt really good. Im a personal trainer and thought I was eating healthy all the time you know the wholemeal bread, cereal s and pasta etc...I had pretty bad acne and my energy levels werec really bad and I was feeling pretty depressed all the time. I then tried paleo and my spots went straight away I felt good clear headed and felt really good digestively. Sometimes though my energy levels are rubbish and I feel tired im a competitive boxer snd my job is very physical. I tried porridge the other morning and it gave me stomach cramps for 6 hours and it was gluten free ! I love porridge and love that full feeling it gives me but obviously it doesn't agree with me. So what can I do to make my energy levels better and do you think im definitely gluten intolerant ? The only diary products I do well on is good quality natural yogurt.

    My diet looks like this. Im also 6ft and way 75 kg.

    4 eggs
    natural yougurt

    olive oil


    walnut oil as a dressing.

    What could I add to bring the energy levels up ?

    Thank you.

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    Originally posted by samold55 View Post

    What could I add to bring the energy levels up ?

    Thank you.
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      Steak. Sweet potatoes. avocadoes. I bet there is no way you are getting enough calories for what you do off of that food list.
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        Your menu looks good for rest days but intense activity requires more carbohydrate. Nontoxic carbohydrates include roots (potatoes, parsnips, sweet potatoes, beets), starchy fruits (squashes and plantains), and a select few seeds (rice, chestnuts, peas). Experiment with a dose of these between workouts to replenish glycogen--they should not cause the same reaction as wheat or oat products.

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          STARCH. Basically what picklepete said.
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            Okay so what kind of carbs would be best for breakfast and is there s certain anount of carbs I should aim for a day ?


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              Any starchy (non-grain) carb would be good at breakfast. I would recommend you check out the book that this forum is built from. I think you should eat until you feel good.
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                I am no health expert. I am a personal training, but not in the sense you are: I teach martial arts, boxing, and functional movements, grok style. As someone who can relate, I usually work out with several of my clients throughout the day and rooms full of students.

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                I don't have any carbs for breakfast and I focus mainly on fats and SOME protein. I've switched my morning to the Bulletproof method and I have to say I absolutely love it. It's basically pour over coffee with 2 tablespoons of grass fed (only!) butter. I metabolize it like a champ since I'm usually in keytosis. Then I might have an Avacado (more fat) and two eggs. (some protein)

                For lunch I double up the protein and have something like pasture raised bacon, grass fed hamburger or steak, or some other dose of high protein. yesterday I had grass fed beef short ribs, argula salad with cold pressed olive oil, lemon, and a pile of cooked broccoli.

                For snack I had a bite of raw sharp cheddar, and some raw walnuts.

                Dinner was sweet potatoes pan fried in more grass fed butter with dinosaur kale and plenty of leeks, aside some pasture raised pork sausage.

                I don't know if everyone is going to say it's "right" but putting more fats into my diet on top of my protein has given me loads and loads of energy. Also I'm putting more protein on my plate than you've got there throughout the day, and if it's anything like mine you're working out and moving a little more than just for your personal workouts.

                Also, a lot of people don't recommend "natural yogurt" because it's not raw or unpasteurized among other detriments. That could be part of the problem too...
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