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  • Cheat Day/Meal!

    Does anybody plan a cheat day/meal regularly? I have read some blogs where people actually plan their cheats, and feel it is a productive part of thier diet. It can be a mental reward, or help break a plateau.

    Your thoughts?
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    I do not plan cheats at all, I plan to never cheat but sometimes I have no choice. Like when my mother in law comes to town and takes us to lunch we pick from the menu as best we can. When we go to the store, if its not primal we don't buy it. the food groups we eat are meats, veggies (fresh and frozen), cheese and fruit. If its not in those categories we don't get it
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      I haven't cheated yet (only 8 days though). I'm too afraid of falling off the wagon. But I am imagining a large pizza right now and I know I could absolutely devour it in about 10 minutes.
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        I never plan cheat days. If it happens, it happens, and I dont worry about it. Too stressful to plan ahead. That being said, I'm about 95% primal - the occasional beer throws me off.
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          Personally no I never plan cheats. But I feel spontaneous cheats are ok on OCCASION and few and far between. For example my friends from home "kidnapped me" last night and we went to AC. Sure did I have a beer or two more than I should have? Yes. Did i eat some non primal things? Yes. But the point is a had a great time with my friends that I have not seen in a really long time. So i have no guilt with that cheat (80/20). But I feel if you feel the need to plan a cheat day, than the diet is not working for you.

          If you are extremely low carb >30 grams a day, you may benefit from a weekly higher carb day, but by no means a cheat. Just an extra sweet potato or two.
          well thats my two cents


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            I used to always plan a cheat meal. Friday or Saturday night I'd go out with my wife, and I'd have nachos or a pizza, or some other kind of crap. I would always seem to drop a couple of pounds the next day too, which really made me think it was helping.

            But the last few times I've done that, I've felt like crap afterward. Sitting there thinking to myself "I feel like hell, it didn't even taste that good, what the hell am I bothering with this for again?"

            I'm changing my thinking on it. Instead of being 100% strict for 6.5 days and then having a pig out one night, I'll instead mix in a few kind-of cheats during the week. I think this will be much better for a few reasons. No major garbage carb dump in my body, and it'll fit in to different social situations much better too. Now if we go over to a friend's place and they offer something amazing that doesn't fit my diet, I can have a little and enjoy it instead of sitting there fighting the urge, waiting for my planned cheat day 2 days away. When I cheat I'll appreciate it. My last cheat day I ended up cruising the cupboards looking for crap to eat, even though I didn't really have a craving or strong desire to do it... I just knew that my day was running out and I was missing my chance! Kind of stupid, really.

            To be honest, after a few months of following this, my taste for those things is really going away. I would consider a peanut butter and jam sandwich with a big glass of milk a HUGE treat.


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              I do not plan cheats as they seem to pop up on there own due to circumstances beyond my control. Therefore whenever I am in control I never "try" to cheat but when "cheat" opportunities present themselves I try to be as strict as possible but don't sweat it.


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                i reallllllllllllllllllllllllllly do not understand people who do this "cheat" thing...

                changing to eating primal is a LIFESTYLE change, it's not all about food. it is a mental, physical and psychological change for life. changing your lifestlye will always be an "option" but i think it is very appropriate for people to look at food and say "how will this make me feel" before eating it. you would never cheat. yeah, pizza or nachos might taste good but that is ALL in your head, lasts about 5 mins and 5lbs of bloat/headache etc. you really wanna feel like that?
                you have the control and choice of whether to put the food in your mouth- no one here is starving and no one here is really ever going to "have to" eat anything that isnt meat/veg/fruit/fat. it is anything but a "mental reward" in my opinion and is all over being a "brain harming" occassion. your feeding an addicition cheat, and with time is gonna harm you

                one more thing... there's a difference between "cheating" and saying you had more primal carbs(carb up) on occassion. if its primal food, it ain't a cheat. if you overindulge in primal food, it aint a cheat. if you build it up and mentally tell yourself "it's bad and it's to much ______(primal fat/carbs)" then YOU are setting yourself up for disaster. dieting is SOOO much more than the food you put in your mouth, it is how you think about it, view it, obsess about it, restrict it... etc etc
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                  I have a long way to go before I can think about a cheat day. And then who knows, why go backwards?
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                    MalPaz, I have to say that I think it's your situation that makes you completely unable to understand some people's obsession with cheating. If I recall correctly from your many posts, you have been anorexic and have to force yourself to eat. The majority of us, however, have the opposite demon wherein we can't stop ourselves from eating -- especially high carb, high sugar, high fat nonsense. It is just as difficult for us to stop eating as it is for you to stop eating. I'm sure people could look at your posts and say "seriously? just eat! it's no big deal." But that's not the case for you, is it?

                    We have to struggle with it every day as well, our hand is just moving in the opposite direction.
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                      Now, as to the topic, I had to wait an additional 30 days to start this diet once I saw how excited I was at the idea of 80/20. I knew if I was that excited for the 20% I was nowhere near ready for the change.

                      When I finally started my goal was to be as close to 100% as I could be knowing that, at the end of the month, I had a huge family birthday party wherein I was meeting my fiance's extended family for the first time and would have limited ability to chose my own foods over the course of a weekend. Some days I was counting the moments until that weekend would arrive just so I could "indulge". Well, it's coming up this weekend and ... [drum roll] I'm NOT excited. I don't want it anymore. I feel better without it, and though I know I would still love the taste of most of it, it's just not worth it to me anymore.

                      Keep at it and I have a feeling you may feel similarly. I know I didn't believe PBers when they told me that, but I am now a convert.
                      "If you won't be better tomorrow than you are today, what do you need tomorrow for?"


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                        I don't "cheat." I don't get the whole "cheating" thing either. If I want a treat from time to time, I'll have something acceptable, like some dark chocolate, fruit. I personally think "cheating" on purpose is a foolish concept. Yes, things come up and there are unexpected deviations or slides, but I see no point in saying "I'm gonna go purposefully eat something I know is bad for me so I can feel normal."

                        No thanks.


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                          Every now and again I just feel like eating something different. So long as I have been pretty good I allow myself some cake or whatever it is I want. I'm fortunate that I don't get any symptoms from going off plan and don't get cravings. It is probably psychological. Then I am back to plan. I don't beat myself up about it.
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                            I do... every friday night.

                            Pizza and beer.


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                              I brought this up after watching some videos on the crossfit site. Some of the top guys, most of whom are paleo/zone, had a cheat meal in thier schedule. These guys are amazing athletes, and can afford to consume some extra calories, and carbs.

                              I thought the general idea of the primal lifestyle was 80/20. Everybody gets to set their own lifestyle. Lately, I have noticed any suggestion, that is not 100% gets flamed.
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