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Morning Sickness - Need Food Suggestions!

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  • Morning Sickness - Need Food Suggestions!

    This may be a really tough question to answer, because I realize that all women can be vastly different when it comes to food aversions and cravings during pregnancy. But maybe getting recommendations from other moms of what worked for them will give me some ideas to choose from.

    I am currently pregnant with baby #3. My previous three pregnancies (last one ended in 2nd trimester miscarriage) were plagued with horrible morning sickness. The only thing that even sort of helped (and kept me out of the hospital) was Zofran.

    During those pregnancies, my diet was not great. I was more knowledgeable by baby #2, but still, not stellar.

    This time around, I vowed to remain Primal, for the sake of myself, and my baby. It was all going SO very well, until morning sickness struck. I was able to manage with fresh fruit for a while, but before long, the only thing that could stay down was bagels with cream cheese.

    Eventually, I could stomach a chicken sandwich from Wendy's or something like that, but I still couldn't look at raw meat to actually cook anything.

    Vegetables make my stomach churn, whereas before pregnancy, I absolutely loved them. I have to make my husband take care of our garden right now, because I can't even look at them grow.

    It's so very frustrating, because the foods I normally love, that I SHOULD be eating, make me so very sick to look at right now.

    The last couple of weeks have spiraled downhill, to the point that I ate Oreo cookies first thing this morning. I have found myself violently craving sugar, combined with actually having that crap in the house. My insulin resistance has been absolutely out of control.

    I have to take control of this now, and find healthy, primal foods that I can stomach. Even if I eat the very same thing every day for the next couple of months!

    Fortunately, I am finally able to stomach eggs again for breakfast. I have my own free-range chickens, so I get nice, fresh eggs. An omelet with sharp cheddar and spicy salsa helps cut through the fattiness of the eggs and I'm able to tolerate it. So as long as I can keep this up, I'm covered for breakfasts.

    But lunch and dinner are the issue. I'm trying to come up with some foods that I can 1) stomach cooking and 2) make quickly and easily.

    I am finding that beef, especially ground beef, doesn't seem to bother me. Chicken is pretty iffy, and seafood is out of the question (which sucks, because fish used to be my go-to lunch).

    Does anyone have any easy, quick recipes that are either made with beef or chicken that doesn't have to be looked at for very long (like, tossed quick into a crock pot so I can run outside and catch my breath quickly??). Nothing with crazy, bizarre spices.

    I feel like I can do meatloaf. Primal shepherd's pie. Maybe steak. *maybe*

    Does anyone have any suggestions?? Does anyone have any primal survival tips for morning/all day sickness??

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    How are you with white rice? Or with dairy?
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      Originally posted by jammies View Post
      How are you with white rice? Or with dairy?
      I'm actually pretty good with white rice. Perhaps a little too good, lol. And dairy is touch and go. Sometimes, I can't go near it. But other times, my body desperately craves cheese!


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        add ginger to as much of your cooking as you can
        When I'd had enough of the grain and starched based 'diabetic eating for health' diet (eating for health, my ass!) my weight was 242.5 lbs. On starting primal- 18th April 2013 weight : 238.1.
        27th July 2013. weight after 100 days 136.9 weight lost 101.2lb ; that's 105.6lbs since I stopped the 'diabetic eating for health'
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          Ah, I feel your pain! I'm about 11 weeks in with my second. The first was a miserable pregnancy, was sick most days until about 18 weeks, couldn't look at eggs and couldn't be in the same room as any cooking poor long-suffering husband did all the cooking! I could eat if food was put in front of me but there was no way I could prepare it. Even chopping veg set me off. First time round I craved crunchy cold things and juice - ate a lot of apples and carrots.

          This time I seem to feel sick all day, though I haven't actually vomited quite as much as first time - the nausea is totally crippling. Finding carrying on with life quite a challenge! I've basically lived on salty beige things for the past 2 months and feel like a slug. I'm just starting to get back to a bit of motivation of wanting to eat better, and am managing more fruit and veg, but still struggling with breakfast - we used to all have scrambled egg and fruit with the occasional sausages but I've yet to manage an egg, and feel so sick in the morning that all I can get down is cereal. Not great.

          I've managed quite a lot of mashed potato and sausages with steamed veg - not perfectly primal I'll admit but surely white potatoes are better than gluten?! Other go-to meals involve bunging a load of chopped veg in a pan with some chopped tomatoes and whatever herbs you can stomach, then leave it to get on with it - minimal stirring required, and just add some basic protein to serve with. Got to be some nutrients, right?!

          I was so hoping to do better with this pregnancy - I put on a lot of weight with the last one and never managed to lose it, so am starting this one heavier, but feeling really disappointed with myself for not being able to eat primally so far. Your omlette idea sounds good, will see if my lovely husband could make me one tomorrow morning and see if can get it down - onwards and upwards I hope! First trimester nearly done!

          My final suggestion is those air-sickness wrist bands - used them in the first pregnancy and found them a bit helpful. Worth a go? Keep in touch, us puking preggos gotta stick together! :-)


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            I'm at 11 weeks and (knock on wood!!) seem to be getting past the worst of the morning sickness. I have to say, if you've never experienced it, you just don't *get* how awful it is. It's not a matter of willpower. If your body has decided that it's going to reject eggs, then it doesn't matter how good they are for your or how much you used to love them. Eat them and you're gonna puke ... period!!

            I lost 5 lbs in the first few weeks and have just now finally managed to almost get back up to where I started. Honestly, I've been eating what I feel like I can handle, although I do make an effort to get fruits & veggies in there. Breakfast has been mainly fruit and milk, or sometimes a buttered slice of almond-flour-fruit bread (like banana bread). Applesauce seemed easy to get down on the worst days. For lunch & dinner I've found that soup, fruit and rice pilaf (rice + butter + chopped onions/carrots/celery) are good mild options. The recipe for "chicken tortilla-less soup" on is pretty great ... you simmer a mix of peppers, onions & tomatoes in chicken broth and then blend half the cooked veggies. It makes for a heartier broth and bonus, you're getting lots of veggies almost without realizing it! And yes I did put tortilla chips in there. They're corn, so what. They filled my craving for crackers and a little corn isn't going to kill me. Oh and if you can get some good, high fat vanilla ice cream ... that seemed to really settle my tummy. Costco has an organic Kirkland version that is really high fat, like they are not kidding when they say ice CREAM. Yeah it's got suger ... well guess what, when you haven't managed to get down more than a few bites in days, you'll take whatever you can manage to not throw up.


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              How's fruit & (vegetable) starches? I've read that B vitamins can help with pregnancy-related illness.
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                Bekki, the only thing i was able to stomach was fried potatoes with lost of salt for 2 months. Maybe baked potato/sweet potato fries? Sweet potato fries can be made with ginger juice (it is supposed to help nausea), sesame oil and soy sauce (or salt in place of soy sauce)

                I sometimes throw ground turkey/beef into microwave with water to cook. Maybe someone can fry up a ton of ground meat for you, and you can just heat it up? It's good on its own, plain, with an egg thrown on top of it or mixed with a boiled egg and whatever neutral veg you can. Good simple mix is ground beef/turkey, and grated fresh carrots and sesame oil (if it is pleasant) or any other veg you can stand.
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                  Baked sweet potato fries is a great idea. I'm finding that anything coated in butter seems to go down better. Bring on the Kerrygold!

                  I also try to mix things in that I couldn't eat by themselves. For example the carrots chopped up in rice pilaf, or lots of eggs hidden in homemade vanilla pudding (I just cut way back on the sugar vs. a "traditional" recipe, use tapioca starch and whole milk). And while meat by itself sounds pretty revolting, it's not so bad to eat the ground beef that's mixed into a hearty chili.


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                    Oh, I so feel your pain. With my first I had terrible morning sickness, my second, I had hyperemesis. It's no fun, but congratulations!
                    I would make up a batch of sweet potato "casserole" to eat when I really wanted something sweet which was most mornings, I basically cooked sweet potatoes and then pureed them with lots of butter, tons of fresh grated ginger, a bit of molasses for the iron and some maple syrup, oh, and cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. It helped.
                    The other thing I did was make a fresh "gingerale", I would simmer a ton of ginger in some maple syrup and honey with a bit of water to keep it thin and would mix it with MINERAL water and fresh lime. That helped any time I had the icks before a meal.
                    I only wanted meat with my first and couldn't stand it with my second. I made a ton of ragout type things with ground beef/lamb, some tomatoes, spices, etc, just brown the meat and add everything and simmer all day or stick it all in the crockpot and cook all day. Eat it over potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, etc.
                    Oh, and for some reason, really cold stuff helped me. I made some coconut water popsicles with mango, ginger and coconut water. I know it's not really a food but it did help.


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                      ginger works, citrus stuff like lemon, orange subside symptoms but what I recommend is an herbal blend "no to morning sickness tea" nothing worked better than this tea for me, realy does wonders in order to soothe nausea and MS


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                        And my hubby worried about my peanut butter on biscuits! Fortunately, I was really only nauseous with number one child, and that was traced down to a kidney infection. I vaguely recall feeling "off" with kid #5, but that was throughout the whole pregnancy. I did make sure of my V&M intake, especially B and C family supplements for all 6.