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Belly fat never decreases

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    Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
    Jeez, 6'2"?! 180 is thin already! What's you body fat, anyway? And at that size, you're looking at a baseline of at least 3000 calories per day just to break even. Eating less will only hurt you.
    What makes you say at least 3000? I am 6-2 and at 193 working my way down to 180-185. Even on workout or muay thai days I can barely eat 3000 calories. I normally eat between 1900-2400 depending on how active I am that day.


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      No advice but I empathize. I can CICO myself into oblivion without difficulty--face and limbs become skeletal but the torso never budges. I was officially obese at age 8 so who knows if that had an effect on development.

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        I have been battling that extra little bit of belly fat since ive started paleo over a year ago. For me my eureka moment came a few weeks ago when i changed my exercise routine.

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