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back spasms during pregnancy

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  • back spasms during pregnancy

    Hello all respected members. I want to share with you my sisters back spasms during pregnancy.So this morning I woke up and see she is felt fine and then she got this major pain in her hip almost like a muscle cramp. Like she had been working out or doing heavy lifting. she figured the baby was just pushing on her hip since it went away a little while later. On and off she has been getting spasm's in her back they don't hurt it just feels weird and then goes away. Also she’ve noticed the past two days her legs and arms have been falling asleep for really no reason at all. It's not like she's doing anything major. Mostly just relaxing around the house doing some laundry. I think she just wonder if its because the baby is getting bigger and possibly laying a certain nerve that is causing these things to happen. Has this happened to any of you guys during pregnancy. Should it be something I should be concerned about and call my doctor?