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I'm becoming very forgetful.

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    Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
    lol. Come on.

    There are a hundred and one reasons you left your cell or forgot your shoes on the first three weeks that coincide with a dietary change and only one of them have to do with the diet change.

    99% likely to NOT have a darn thing to do with carbs, primal, fat, or anything in the realm of nutrition.
    Exactly. How about a look at things like stress levels and sleep quality before people jump into the low carb bashing party?


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      How many eggs do you eat? Choline helps with short term memory, as it's important for synthesis of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in memory formation.
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        Originally posted by NewbiePrimal View Post
        Could this have something to do with Primal? I have been on primal 3 1/2 weeks now or so. I have left my cellphone 5 different places. (This did not happen before) I lost my shoes in my own house (again, hasn't happened before) and I am pretty young. I am spacing out sort of.
        lol. you've never mislaid your phone or shoes before? i bow to your perfect recall.

        could be bad sleep, stress, lack of or too much exercise, over-thinking other stuff...

        not enough food, or even carb flu. if all you're eating is veggies, with no fruit or starch, you may be in ketosis, with out-of-whack electrolytes. drink some broth or eat an avocado.

        or eat 10 potatoes and call me in the morning.
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          I agree with what everyone else has said about it likely being related to the change to low carb.

          That being said, you don't have to go crazy. Lets say you are at 50 carbs / day. Adding a 20 carb banana increasing your carbs by a HUGE amount - 40%. I would try adding ONE thing like that a day, see how it goes. If you still need to up your carbs, add ONE more thing.

          How I have my food plan is there is a base of low carb things and then I have a few other things on a one from that list per day thing.
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            I think you should just experiment with the carb amount and see what works for you, using primal foods. The more carb I have the more brain fog, particularly white rice, so it obviously works differently for each individual. This can also be influenced day to day also, so a journal is a great idea. So many reasons for brain fog, from thyroid, candida, SIBO, etc etc. eating less carb and sugar could cause a bit of a die off reaction too, which will take a bit of time to settle down. Sometimes the best thing is to wait it out IMO.
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              Really, we've gone from "eat more fat" for every ailment, to "eat more carbs." Carb flu has gone from being part of the natural progression from a heavily carbed WOE to something we should shun by eating sweet potatoes.

              If you don't have weight to lose, just eat naturally within primal parameters. You may notice that your intake of all three macros varies a bit. It's not a big deal. I get sad when I see people struggle so hard with the little things when one of the best things about primal is how great the food is.

              If your forgetfulness starts interfering with your life, I would go see a doctor.
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                Ok well to give an update, I have been eating a little bit more carbs and do feel a little better. I've not lost anything else. To those that scoffed about me not losing my phone in stores before, no I have not, and this was getting kind of bad. I remember many years ago when I was following Atkins, I had a similar experience (not with leaving items, but just being foggy) I get adequate sleep 8+ hours a night, so that was not it. I do attribute it to going Primal. Am I going to quit? Heck no, but as some nice people on the thread suggested, I will be upping my starcy carbs for the moment. As one poster asked, it was the case that I was eating no fruit for awhile and minimal carbs, so that may have had something to do with it. I was curious about the electrolytes or something, is there something I can take for that? I use to drink vitamin water, but I guess not anymore since starting this.