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  • Calcium Carbonate

    I have yet to read anything good about calcium carbonate for the human being and I'm curious to know why it is found in Damage Control... Any suggestions? Did I miss something?

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    well,actually its an excellent phosphate binder and is used mmedically for that purpose. its a cheap, effective antacid for the occassional overindulgence.
    dark green vegetables such as Broccoli and Kale naturally contain quite a lot of calcium carbonate
    regarding damage control i guess this paragraph gives the game away-Gentle on Your Stomach The Damage Control Master Formula's easy-to-swallow capsules are gentle on your stomach and present none of the gastric upset that can often accompany harsh tablets or "caplets". The finely powdered contents are naturally buffered (made non-acidic with minerals like magnesium and calcium) to assist with rapid dissolution and ease of absorption in the appropriate areas of your digestive system.
    When I'd had enough of the grain and starched based 'diabetic eating for health' diet (eating for health, my ass!) my weight was 242.5 lbs. On starting primal- 18th April 2013 weight : 238.1.
    27th July 2013. weight after 100 days 136.9 weight lost 101.2lb ; that's 105.6lbs since I stopped the 'diabetic eating for health'
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      Appreciate the reply.... I'm actually still awaiting a reply from the company as to whether or not it is in the supplement as a binder or as their choice for calcium source according to the research I've seen from multiple trusted resources, they are agree that it is not a good source for calcium and over the long term has multiple negative effects.

      Por eso I've been making my own mix of antioxidants, etc. but I really like that Damage Control is basically a 'do all' supplement.