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My body is being a weirdo - Adrenal fatigue or blood sugar issues?

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  • My body is being a weirdo - Adrenal fatigue or blood sugar issues?

    Hi all,

    My body has been acting very weird of late. I had a particularly exhausting (at my fitness level) weekend which involved two hours of easy cycling topped off with strenuous bodyweight exercises on saturday and a fast paced two hour hike around the hills on sunday. I rested all of monday. I ate as per normal thruout the day and come evening, I got quite hungry,so I set out to prepare some chicken curry. By the time I was done cooking I was not one bit hungry so I just went to bed as is. In the morning when I woke up, I kept receiving mixed signals from my body. It was as if it was confused as to whether or not it wanted to eat. Very VERY peculiar.

    I rested the whole of tuesday and in the evening, I walked to a diner party nearby. They fed me beef curry and about a cup of rice. Walking back, I felt overly energetic and had the sudden urge to sprint, so I gave in and sprinted home. It was less than a two minute sprint and it got my heart racing. I was still edgy when I went to bed an hour later, and I woke up this morning feeling as if I had overdosed on redbull. I felt hyper-energetic (in a bad way) and incredibly tired. Needless to say, I had the worst energy crash an hour later and i have been feeling like shit the entire day. I am guessing that this has to do with the exhaustive weekend and consequent depletion of glycogen stores but I haven't been eating particularly low-carb and I rested two whole days.

    What the above sound like to you folk? Am I experiencing Adrenal fatigue, am I suffering from blood sugar issues or am I just over-exercised?

    Should I increase sugar consumption (ala Roddy) or should I moderate exercise for a while and ride the storm out while staying moderate carb? I still have a few, maybe 6-7 pounds of fat to shed and my current macro-scheme is working for me, atleast in terms of weight loss.

    I have been eating cyclic low carb recently. That means that I mostly eat low carb (around >70g a day) and twice a week I eat higher carb, but not by much (around 125g for the day). My meals have consisted of a lot of eggs, some meat, a little white rice once/twice a day and few bananas and strawberries.

    I've been consciously eating more carbs because I didn't handle stress well on long term VLC and my hair was falling out. I don't see any marked improvement in stress management and hair situation from the increase of carbs but I am overall more hungry now and sometimes get hypoglycemic.
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