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How do you resist temptation?

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    My fridge is always full, and my supper is always planned. I have a family to feed. I don't even remember the times when i had to be responsible just for myself and could do things like having an ice-cream for supper. You know, shit, maybe you should enjoy it & not worry about 'binges' and 'oh, horror, I had some watermelon, what if I will want more watermelon tomorrow, OMG!'.

    I've had a bad day, I deserve something
    A strategy recommended by Susan Alberts is to change the deservedness into gratitude. It actually makes a total sense. I suggest checking out her books, they are fantastic in their all inclusive and practical approach to mind traps surrounding the eating driven by the brain.
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      Originally posted by john_e_turner_ii View Post
      We all have grown up with certain comfort foods that we enjoyed, and there is no reason not to have them on occasion.
      My mum used to do baked jacket potatoes most Saturdays, loaded up with grated cheese, butter and salad cream, it was a very happy memory in a sketchy childhood, and later on I started getting into having a weekend pizza, I love garlic so that was my "take" on the old cheese-loaded comfort food...

      When I cut out gluten I experimented and found that melting a few slices of really strong cheddar on a Pyrex plate, then studding them with garlic, and maybe some fresh tomatoes on the side, hit the same spot... so, you can still have these foods, I mean it's not, now, something I'd eat as often as weekly, but it's nice to know I can have it grain free and not have to scowl at the jammy sods sitting in pizza parlours!


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        I can resist anything but temptation.....

        But in answer to your question. When I'm in the USA, it is more difficult because my family keeps all the nasty (but tasty) stuff around and I'm a night eater so I tend to get up in the middle of the night and eat. I try to eat the good stuff but I'm not always successful.

        When I'm in Egypt, it is simple. I have an apartment, I live by myself and I don't keep junk in the house. If I get up in the middle of the night and want to munch, it has to be healthy stuff because there is nothing else to eat.
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          For me it is so tough not to go for the chips..REALLY hard..I even bought some pork rinds figuring if I wanted something crunchy at night i could for those..However the flavor of a pork rind can't compare with Doritos. Therefore I have instructed my family to keep any and all junk food hidden. If i see it I'll eat it.. I don't even have to be hungry


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            What I do is eat a diet balanced in all three macronutrients, and make sure I'm not deficient in any particular vitamin. Also, when I eat a piece of fruit I don't act like I'm on the fast track to obesity.

            Now I don't crave a 'bad' food because I'm not denying myself the thing that a craving is actually trying to tell me that I want. It's really simple when you think about it.


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              Plan in advance. Have some other snacks around. Nuts have good crunch and so do carrot sticks and celery. Cheese helps me; my snack of choice is a red BabyBel. And focus on the positive, not the negative. If will power means "stay away, stay away, evil, stay away" it's only a matter of time before your obsession will break down. On the other hand if you say "I'm healthy, happy, and am going to be around to swing the grandkids on the playground and take them on hikes" then you have a positive. Besides Primal eating can be delicious, just as good as crap eating. Don't beat yourself up, don't make it some kind of deep moral or character failure and keep your eye on the star. As they say in my hospital, start where you are and continuously improve.
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                Had a cake made for my promotion ceremony yesterday. I looked at it and walked away. I didn't even consider it edible. After 8 months 100% primal I wasn't even tempted by it.


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                  Those saying "just don't keep junk in your house" and "just binge every once in a while; no harm no foul" don't know what life is like for those of us with extreme cravings, and I"m glad they don't. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

                  Those who do know what it's like know that when the cravings get strong enough, we will drive to the store to buy crap, regardless of the time of day, and that one binge leads to a thousand; there is no "just binge and get over it."

                  From your statement below, I think you will benefit most from getting Julia Ross' The Diet Cure and reading the section on endorphin depletion. The advice about a solid protein breakfast (4-5oz meat/eggs), plus 4oz protein for lunch and again for dinner, not avoiding fat, not cutting calories, and taking DPA + an essential amino complex may well save your life.

                  Originally posted by november View Post
                  Start mindlessly crunching on some gluten free sesame crackers, polish off ¼ of a watermelon, and the carbs are already triggering a binge response so I think about ordering a gluten free pizza (gluten free so it won’t be a problem, right? right?) and maybe getting some ice cream because I HAD A REALLY BAD DAY AND I DESERVE SOME FLEETING PLEASURE IN LIFE DAMMIT. Then I stop and think about whether the momentary gratification will be worth the weekend of carb-and-dairy bingeing that will inevitably ensue
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