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    Definitely trying to heal the PCOS. It's funny, in a not really funny sort of way, that my eating disorder is probably what saved me from the grips of endocrinologists drug pushing hands. For years I had complained about the irregularity and absence of my cycles, and for years, GPs admonished me to 'eat properly' and 'gain some weight' (despite the fact that during those years I actually WAS at a healthy weight, even according to their BMI charts (which are flawed, but they do love them)). Anyway, the doctor was shocked the first time she actually ordered blood work on me, and even more so after my ultrasound (a similar shock came after a sleep study wherein I was diagnosed as having sleep apnea). I don't fit the 'profile' for any of these things. Apart from this past year, I've always been very slim (naturally and healthily. When I"m starving I just look plain scary). And even now I know that there are alot of people who would balk at my calling myself 'fat', because although I'm not the right size for my body frame (5'7", small frame, currently 150ishlbs), I'm not obese. I'm very athletic and active. I don't have horrific acne, or hirsutism and I'm not insulin resistant. It doesn't make sense. Up until this past year my problem had just been absent /irregular cycles. However in June that changed to horrendously painful and prolonged cycles (that were still irregular).
    Anyway, from the reading that I've done, I've been keeping carbs on the lower side (between 50-100g/ day) to try and address any possibility of insulin resistance that may be exist or trying to bloom, as well as to lose weight. I've also started taking 4g/ day of inositol, as there are studies showing really promising results, and using a chaste tree supplement. And the exercise thing - definitely doing that. I love to move! lol I just wish that muscle could be built faster. My combined background of starvation and ballet has left me hm, I suppose 'lacking' may be a kind word, in the upper body strength dept. Tonnes of leg strength, tonnes of core, zero through arms, wrists, shoulders. I am up to 8 real pushups in a row before failure though, which is a big improvement over the zero that I could do in April.

    It's so frustrating trying to be patient. The weight went on so shockingly fast, and I just don't understand how I could have let it get so out of control. I miss the feeling of being comfortable in my own skin (which I did have during certain periods of time). I know that your advice to throw out the scale is sage, but I just can't do it. Mentally, I need it, at least for now. As sad as that is.


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      Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
      I would be happy to fly to England and kick him in the balls for you. He's a jackass and should be mortified of his behavior.
      You rock. And if nothing else, the image made me smile.


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        I'm flying to England in a month, I could do it as well for you

        I can only say "What she said!" to everything Magnolia has said. I get a bit sad at the success stories as well because I haven't found that magical fix for me, but I'm now focusing on health and fitness via weight training. My weight hasn't changed yet (and I have a good 35lbs of fat to lose for sure), but I'm looking better, and that makes me feel great!

        I see you have PCOS, have you had your thyroid checked?


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          I've been weight training for 9 months, almost 10. The muscle gain is very slow, but 10 months have passed and now I have muscle, much of it quite visible and appealing. Get started now if you want some muscle. Those 10 months are going to go by whether you lift or not.
          Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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            Originally posted by lyss View Post
            My food intake on an average day:

            Breakfast: 3 egg omelette (no cheese) OR some generic leftovers from supper the night before. Examples would be a hamburg patty, a couple of sausages, or a bowl of home made vegetable chicken soup. Or just a plain avocado.

            Lunch - usually I'd skip this to keep within the constraints of 1300 calories. I also find that I'm not hungry until later on in the afternoon, say around 3ish p.m. By that point, it feels too close to supper to have an actual meal anyway.

            Supper - Some combination of meat and veggie. This could take the form of a salad with meat and some avocado oil dressing, or a stiryfry cooked in coconut oil...

            It doesn't bother me to disclose what I eat. Quite honestly, the only reason I'm eating 1300 calories is because in Mark's book he advocated a 700ish calorie deficit. Based on my caloric needs calculations, that puts me into the 1300 calorie range.
            Looks like less than 1300 Cal.

            The 700 cal def he may specify is a generic number - it's not tailored for you personally (it maybe be fine, but it also may not be).

            A deficit is what is required to lose - smaller may mean quicker but it could mean more stress and not sustainable.

            Maybe a 400 cal def is more comfortable for you.

            Maybe try different macro ratios maybe a certain ratio is more comfortable and sustainable for you.

            Good luck.