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  • GAPS/PALEO help needed

    Hi, I'm hoping that you or one of your brilliant readers can give me some advice. My seven-year-old son has been clinically diagnosed with Celiac Disease and we've followed a strict gluten-free diet for over three years. The majority of our meals are Paleo (we live in Seoul so occasionally eat white rice or soy bean sprouts and we indulge in corn chips and salsa every now and then), but my son still has gluten exposure-type episodes frequently (these include extreme outbursts of rage with a simultaneous expression of fear over his total loss of self control). He's not at all dangerous because he's quite small for his age, but he also has very little energy and has to sit out recess and PE frequently in school. Today I had to carry him around the grocery store because he didn't have the energy to walk and he naps nearly every day. Our pediatrician says he's fine!

    I think he could really benefit from something like GAPS or the Autoimmune Diet in "Practical Paleo" BUT we have absolutely NO ACCESS to chemical free organic meats. When it can be found, "happy meat" it is so expensive it's out of the question (beef starts around $50.00/lb). We are a military family of six and shop at a subsidized US Army Commissary where we can only get crummy Tyson-type products. I can order a few things in the mail--groceries available on Amazon or Steve's Original jerky, but we don't get anything else that isn't "previously frozen." The GAPS introduction (and Paleo/Weston A. Price, etc.) call for homemade bone broths, but I'd really rather not just serve up highly concentrated chemical soup on a daily basis. So my question is, if I transition to an even more traditional-foods diet with broths and such, will the fact that we are using all CAFO products be a detriment instead of a help? We can get a few organic vegetables and have a small garden so that's less of a concern.

    I know my post is already crazy long, but I thought maybe it'd also be useful to know that we supplement with fish oil (I take the fermented stuff, but my kids do Nordic Natural liquid gels) and BioKult probiotics. We also eat kimchi on a near-daily basis and occasionally drink homemade water/milk kefir (I always forget to take care of it though so we don't have any in the house right now). I don't want to be a crazy diet freak so I let them eat gluten-free candy or ice cream when they get treats occasionally at school or birthday parties. My son is such a sweet kid and we'd all love to figure out how to help him. Tonight, my husband compared his symptoms to Tourette's and it really does seem like he has NO control over his behavior. The poor little guy is breakin' my heart. Thanks for your help!

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    Do you have access to wild fish and seafood? You can make rich broth from that (heads, tails etc) if that is what is more widely available in Asia. I believe Mark mentioned that farmed crustations = wild ones.

    You can't get non-frozen grass-fed organic meat anyway, because it's seasonal slaughter, not year-round proposition. Short of living on a farm and raising every bit of your own food yourself in the wilderness and hunting and stuff... I would say try what you have and see if it makes matters better or worth.
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      I have definitely seen a benefit from bone broth made with CAFO bones. Don't worry about it and do what you can. The stress is worse for you than the chemicals (or at least that was my conclusion when I had to decide between a miserable part time job from hell or eating CAFO meat).