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Storing bacon grease

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  • Storing bacon grease

    How do you all store your bacon grease? I started pouring mine from the pan to a glass jar but one night I forgot to put it back into the fridge... is this ok? SHould I have thrown it away? Is it ok to just keep adding grease to the same jar?

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    If it doesn't smell rancid and it was out for just a night, I suspect it is okay.

    I store my bacon grease in an old cereal bowl covered in plastic wrap and stored in the refrigerator. I usually filter the grease with a small strainer lined with cheese cloth. I have added to the same bowl for a year with no deleterious effects. I keep telling myself I will switch to a mason jar but I haven't yet. This is probably not the optimal way to store bacon grease but since I use it a lot to cook with, I like the larger opening of a bowl so I can just use a large wooden spoon to dish up a "chunk" for cooking use.


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      I pour the hot bacon fat into the same jar in the fridge and scoop out what I need for cooking. My family has been doing that since I can remember. Maybe the best thing is to have two jars and rotate them? Not sure if leaving it out one night with the lid on will hurt since you are going to be cooking it, but when in doubt throw it out.


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        Old mason jar, the kind with the glass lid. I keep it in the fridge, but I'm too lazy to filter it when I pour it in.

        Bacon grease can be kept out, but it will get rancid before the grease kept in the fridge.
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          Small glass container with plastic lid, stored in the fridge. I don't filter mine, either, but this hasn't been an issue so far. I've actually read/heard some people keeping bacon grease in a coffee can, unrefrigerated, for long periods of time.
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