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    I'm on a budget, but I want to eat all organic foods. I've been doing the entire paleo thing for a while, but stepping it up to all organic has increased my expenses on groceries. So, what kind of foods should I make a priority in terms of calories, fat, and protein content? Should I mainly spend my money on high fat meats, nuts, eggs, and then be more sparing with the fruit and vegetables? I find vegetables pretty low in substance compared to the price they cost. After all, Grock thrived in the ice ages surviving predominately on animal meat. All recommendations for food would be gladly accepted, as well as any other advice. Thanks.

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    I would prioritise the items that you can noticeably taste the difference, they are sure to also be making a positive difference to your body. I would also focus on things that you eat often, and - naturally - on ones that are readily available. No use deciding to go for raw dairy, for example, when you can't access it.

    In my case, the first thing I changed was to go to free range eggs - partly because the quality difference was obvious and seemed worth the price difference, and also because I have them every day so it would make a good overall % difference in my diet to change this one item.

    The next thing I changed was to go to farmkill beef. This was actually cheaper for better quality meat. Waaaaaaaaaay better quality, I almost regret doing this because we have now run out and I can't get more.

    I think the best way to get organic produce is to grow your own, it should work out cheaper too - a double bonus. I am still working on this but at least I do take great pleasure in every lemon, grapefruit and leaf of silverbeet I can harvest.

    I am very excited to now have access to raw milk, even though I have to drive for it. As a result I'm now using more dairy than I was previously, but since it's such a good food I don't have a problem with that.

    Do whatever works for you, baby steps are the way to go. Good luck.
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      For their price i am not sure nuts are worth the money nutritionally.

      I think good eggs, good meat, good butter, good salt. I add good butter and good salt as they will make the vegetables yummy, for example leeks and cauliflower.

      Add some cheap things like liver, heart and bones for broth.
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        Anything that gets the "Grass-fed" or "Fed a certain way makes this better" qualifier, I try to spend the money on and get, vs normal or non-organic.

        Meats, eggs, dairy (milk, butter) -- I try to spend a bit more and get the best.
        Fruits, starches, veg -- Can be from regular grocery store, I'm not too bothered.