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Taking a stab at this but not sure what THIS is...All messed up , need help



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  • Taking a stab at this but not sure what THIS is...All messed up , need help

    I have hashi, low b12 and low vit D....taking supplements for all. I also have low sodium and really need to start adding some sea salt to some water daily, Low waking temps and low through out the day. Average in the am is 97.4 and stay the same through out the day.

    Have tried every diet out there, including HCG. Did well for a time, lost 15 lbs, and it is all back. Do not have a problem with over eating, in fact as stupid as it sound, probably do not eat enough. Gain weight smelling food. Mostly eat clean. Min carbs, mosttly meat and veggies. Not big breakfast, but we do eat a late dinner...hubby likes to eat at 7pm and we crash by 10:30. Breakfast is usually a scoop of rice protein with a cup of almond milk and some berries. I also have a cup of coffee. Lunch is usually greek chicken salad, dinner is a small piece of meat, veggies and wine. I do not use sugar or sweetner in anything. Did I mention I like wine, Margaritas, Lemon Drops! etc....

    Thinking of doing a Leptin reset but not sure if it is for me. I am just frustrated with the constant weight gain. I do have RT3, so went off thryoid and am now just T3 only. Also have adreanl fatigue so not sure where to begin. I have also in the past done a no card thing and that seemed to work, but nothing works now.

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    Have you read the book yet? "Primal Blueprint" is my top suggestion with "Paleo Solution "(Robb Wolf) next and in a tie for third I put "Deep Nutrition" by Shanahan and "Perfect Health Diet" by Jaminet. Many also recommend "Primal Body Primal Mind", but I have not read that one.

    Read em all or just pick the PB and get started there. Good luck!