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Whole 30 starting on Sept 1



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    Since I started later, I haven't completed my Whole30 yet but I suppose that the others will report how they did so I decided to post my Whole21 results as well: 11 pounds off. A good result for just 3 weeks, but I suppose it could have been even better had I not disturbed my ketosis with too much fruit. I didn't take any measurements at the beginning, but my trousers are visibly looser now.


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      Plan to post this is Oct W30 thread also.

      My final results on Whole 30 for September 2013 -

      Feel WONDERFUL!!
      Lost 9.2 pounds
      Lost 10.5 inches.

      I am totally thrilled with the results. Did not expect this kind of loss, and eating bacon everyday and still able to lose! I am excited for the future.

      Plan to add some dairy throughout the month and see how my body reacts. If not good, then I will go back to leaving it out.

      Good luck everyone on October!!
      44 F 5'5
      SW 205.4
      CW 180.4
      GW 150


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        Wow! You guys did great! Congratulations and keep going. See you on the October thread.


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          Having trouble responding to the October thread. I'll join you for October. I completed my first w30 on 9/17. I've eaten about 80-90% primal since then. We are trying a W21 for my daughter starting Monday 10/27. Praying it will help some of those mysterious headaches and stomachaches.