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MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!: Caloric deficit impossible with this much fat!



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  • MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!: Caloric deficit impossible with this much fat!

    Hi All, (please see below in bold where I have added to this post in order to clarify.. I AM VLC!)

    I just gained five pounds from eating around 3000 calories day. I am trying to eat the 50+ grams of protien per meal. 65 grams of salmon is 600 calories! That's before my avocado and coconut oil!!!!!

    How does one eat 3 a four tablespoons of ghee and coconut oil--- which are 120 calories each- plus all this meat and manage to lose weight???

    In order for me to feel full and not starving on Paleo I have to eat so much food that I would need to work out 3 hours a day!

    And because I dont have the energy from the carbs, I am getting more fat.

    BUT, if I lower my fat intake I get hungry!

    I am a female weighing 270 pounds- trying to lose 117 pounds and I guess I will just have to go hungry because drinking all this coconut oil is just too many calories.

    I am going to have to have smaller Paleo meals in order to continue to lose weight. I guess some of us will just have to feel like we are starving all the time as the price to pay for a major weight loss right?

    I can't eat more fat-- its too many calories! What other options does an insulin resistant obese person trying to lose 100 pounds on paleo have?

    *lower fat and protien intake and feel hungry and angry all the time- but achieve caloric deficit for weight loss
    *Keep eating how I am eating and find the energy to excersize 3 hours a day

    Anyone ever been thru this?

    PLEASE READ! I am adding this after reading some of the replies to my thread. I am insulin resistant and do NOT eat any starches. All of my carbs come from non starchy veggies (avocado, zucchini, greens, daikon, herbs) I do not eat corn, potatoes of any kind, and if I want I will have a tiny bit of carrot. It is imperative to my health that I keep my carb count at no more than 50g per day. I am using LC-Paleo to keep myself from developing full blown T2Diabetes. My refernce to carbs in this post was to give an example of how I would not have energy to exersize because I was not eating carbs.... This is because I dont think my body has made the switch to burning fat for fuel yet. So I am in a "energy limbo" right now. I hope this clears things up a bit. Thanks for all the replys! Its been motivating, educating and fun to read!!!
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    I'd say you are gonna have to do option one with the tweak of actually increasing your protein.... i.e. eating more meat.


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      Drinking coconut oil is kind of a red flag.

      Use added fats to cook with or as dressings. Don't fear, but don't eat by the spoonful either.

      Upping my protein helped my satiety. Eating more meats and eggs helps.

      Try not counting calories if you can help it. Learn what true hunger is for yourself. Your caloric needs will change as you lose weight.
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        I can easily gain 5 pounds in a day, mostly water weight, and then gone in a day or two. No big deal.

        Never lower your protein. Protein is what fills you up and redesigns your body. You can play with fat and carbs, but even if you have to get all 2000~ish calories from protein, do it. As long as there's enough fat to metabolize the meat, like eating the salmon skin, eating the fat at the edge of the steak, etc, you're good in the short term.

        And of course, don't forget to supplement electrolytes to replace those lost with the water weight whooshes.

        Stop exercising so much for now. Just eat right, your body wants to be awesome. Just do a few push-ups and chinups or something similar, maybe some walking for now. Once you lean out, then look at more intense fitness programs. Exercising while overweight is very dangerous for your joints and your heart, you could do irreversible damage to your body. I mean, yeah, do SOMETHING maybe every other day, but 3x a day is just silly.
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          Hunger is not a simple fuel gauge--there could be any number of non-energy deficiencies or behavior cues driving it. Focus on maximum micronutrients (eggs, organs, shellfish, vegetables) and the appetite should normalize. If you choose to budget calories, they'll go a lot farther if you allocate them onto attractive meal plates instead of oil shots.

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            You also might be eating too often.
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              I would in this instance put up my protein, and if you feel hungry have some protein. When I started my diet I would snack on a plain roast chicken breast between meals. I had to do this for about a month until my appetite stabilised. I still lost weight. The fat I ate was either on the food - salad dressing or butter to cook with or as my treat which was cream on 50g of blueberries each day.

              Best of ck


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                Have you been diagnosed as insulin resistant, or just something you're guessing/assuming based on being "obese"?

                If you have to stay low carb because of it, consider having some other lean meats rotated in. It's not a fat-gorging feast, because yes you'll still gain weight in a caloric surplus. (I'm sure saying that will cause a bit of a war but whatever, one is surely bound to break out in here anyway)

                Bulk up your meals with vegetables so you'll feel satiated that way, with the volume. You can have some fatty meats like salmon but yes, they "cost" a lot of calories. Protein is important, so if you can hit your targeted number of it while also staying at or under your target calories, that will be the ticket.

                I gained weight with a high-fat diet while not checking my calories. You have to find what works for you, but if you're seeing that what you're doing right now doesn't, then it's time to change it up.


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                  Up the protein.
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                    Some people feel that fat staves off hunger, but I really don't think that applies to everyone. I love fats, but they do little to help me feel satisfied. When it comes to a filling meal, I go for leaner cuts of meat such as chicken breast, lean sirloin, pork loin, etc. I have a large side of some filling complex carbs such as sweet potatoes along with other non starch veggies.

                    For example, yesterday, my lunch consist of about 12 ounces chicken breast, 14 ounces sweet potato, a cup or so of broccoli and cauliflower. By volume, this was a huge meal with my plate being completely full with almost 2 pounds of food, and total calories was about 750-800. If you don't like sweet potatoes, then just swap it out and have 2-3 large pieces of fruit for dessert.

                    Three huge meals like this one, and you are still in a caloric deficit, with room to even add in a little butter or oil. A little, meaning, a tablespoonful or less per meal. Definitely do not eliminate fats, but keep them within reason. They play a vital role in your health and hormones, but keep in mind they carry a heavy caloric load. By reducing the fats, you can replace them with bulkier nutrition that keeps you fuller.

                    Thus far, this has been my best strategy to lose fat. I stay full, don't get crazy from cutting carbs, and it helps my workouts as well.


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                      How do you eat 3-4 tablespoons of fat out of a bottle? Yuuck.

                      This is not the in plan. That fat will go straight to your belly.

                      To start off with peg your carbs at 50-100 grams and then eat protein and veggies, with that protein should come all the fat you need (add a little to the fry pan if you wish). If you get hungry, eat meat.

                      Forget about calories for now just relax and get hunger and metabolism normalised.

                      After a month or so you can experiment with cycling in higher carbs if you wish.

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                        3+ hours of exercise every day would make me hungry and angry no matter what I ate.
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                          Originally posted by dilberryhoundog View Post
                          How do you eat 3-4 tablespoons of fat out of a bottle? Yuuck.

                          This is not the in plan. That fat will go straight to your belly.

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                          He's right. I tried to lose weight (from a normal weight) by switching from a 90% whole foods/traditional diet to a higher fat/lower carb diet and gained 15 pounds of fat in 2 years. Eating more fat does not have some magical ability to burn your own fat. It doesn't even SOUND logical. The advice to focus on protein is solid and you'll be fine with little fat added to meats. Use a calorie tracker and you'll see that the meat has its own fat, organ meats especially. Adding coconut and avocado is not necessary and yeah, it's just sending you over your calorie requirements. Drinking calories like bulletproof coffee or other beverages is also going to be a huge waste. I tried that and felt it stimulated my appetite more than suppressed it.

                          Best of luck to you.


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                            How do you eat 3-4 tablespoons of fat out of a bottle? Yuuck.

                            This is not the in plan. That fat will go straight to your belly.

                            To start off with peg your carbs at 50-100 grams and then eat protein and veggies, with that protein should come all the fat you need (add a little to the fry pan if you wish). If you get hungry, eat meat.

                            Forget about calories for now just relax and get hunger and metabolism normalised.

                            After a month or so you can experiment with cycling in higher carbs if you wish.
                            Mark does address ketosis as a valid way to lose body fat.

                            I drink 420 calories of coconut milk every night to the same effect. Consuming pure fats is definitely not dangerous, and if kept low enough on the calories is a fine way to eat, as long as ketosis sits well with you and you get enough protein for maintenance. I've been high-fat for years, often backing off even on the protein (down to half a pound and a few eggs) and doing a day here and there of almost nothing but fats/fatty foods like avocado (avocado does have some carbohydrate, but it's very much worth eating! "Safe" carbs aren't evil unless you are aiming for ketosis - most would say) and coconut milk, etc. Ketosis, or riding the line, are fine for maintenance for many people!

                            Protein is #1 (I over-do protein more often than I under-do it :P ) and fats, enjoy all the way while making sure you don't overeat - fat is very easy to overeat if you are consuming straight oils. Carbs - optional, seasonal, cycling, etc. I like berries best!

                            Hang in there, fat is awesome. Our local high-carb squad will swoop in shortly to explain that you should eat candy and shoot soda into your veins, but seriously, try high-fat moderate protein, low carb for at least a month or two so you can find out what it's actually like.
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                              Let's see...

                              On a low carb day for me (not every day is low carb though), I can eat...

                              One pound of ground beef, seven eggs, three or four cups of assorted veggies, some fermented veggies too, and three or four tablespoons of coconut oil/butter/olive oil. I use the added fats only for cooking or dressings, but even with about 140 grams or more of fat, puts the caloric total at 1,800 - 2,000 calories. Add in a nice walk (or hike, or jog, or whatever), and bingo! Probably a caloric deficit.

                              It can be done.

                              [Edit and afterthought: Adding in the one calorie per gram of protein spent just processing it in the body, you've just slightly hacked your way to a higher deficit. ]
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