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protein powder / dairy experiment

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  • protein powder / dairy experiment

    So I have been completely dairy free for over a month (replaced with coconut products and liking that a lot). Had 1 serving of MRM protein powder left and had it last night. This is a high quality, antibiotic and hormone free whey that costs about $25 for 2.2 pounds at whole paycheck. I just checked online and there are bit cheaper prices elsewhere but not by very much. Observations:

    - Tasted sweet going down (stevia), lingering taste afterwards was bitter.
    - Joint pain and muscle aches today (not workout soreness, more irritation).
    - Face looks more aged.
    - Doesn't seem to have helped recovery much at all, especially compared to foods like grass fed buffalo (which is actually cheaper per pound).

    Bottom line, I think the whole protein powder thing is totally CW and will stay dairy free from now on. Maybe maybe if I do some 'mass gain' thing at some point will have some milk, butter and/or cheese, but that would be very short term (3-4 weeks, or a couple 2 week periods).

    I realize individual sensitivities to dairy vary, but I have Scottish blood and 'should' tolerate dairy. I don't have any problems with the digestion end of it. If you are paleo and still having dairy and/or whey, try life without it for a month and then see what happens when you add it back in.

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    I stopped drinking milk with my whey protein shakes 7 days ago. Now my protein whey is the only dairy I consume. I really like the protein powder I use and the fact that it's ready to drink the minuteI walk in the door.

    It's hard for me to reach 190 grams of protein a day in two meals (while also eating vegetables!). It is easily and quickly digested and mine has a ton of amino acids. I remember seeing some study that only eggs rank above whey in terms of protein to muscle conversion during recovery.

    anyway I'm a whey fan! (open to re-convincing though!)
    ad astra per aspera


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      I have to use whey because I only eat one big meal, with bits of protein at other times of the day. Impossible to get my daily protein without it. Use water and heavy cream with it. Also cheaper than trying to eat 16+ ounces of 100% grass-fed beef daily.


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        Sometimes it is nice for variety. I only use whey isolate, though.