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How Do You Deal With Junk Food at the Office?

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    The nice thing about telling your co-workers consistently that you don't eat that sort of thing is that if you DO eat it, they will call you in it. I broke down and had a very sugary, very bad tasting cookie in the break room at work about a year ago, and one of my co-workers gave me a very puzzled look and said, "I though you didn't eat that stuff?" That incident has kept me from snagging a stray brownie or cookie in the break room ever since.

    Of course, I also try to just avoid being around the food, and it only looks even remotely tempting if I'm really hungry and close to that time of the month. Being Primal for a few years cuts the temptation down a LOT.


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      I eat it if I want it. I find it easy to pass on cookies and cheap processed baked goods. I have no interest in stuff like bagels. But if someone brings in something and I'm like DAMN (chocolate croissants from the French bakery or eclairs), I'll eat it and call it my 20%. It's pretty rare that someone brings those in. Once in a while, my coworker will bring me one and if I don't really want it, I'll "eat it later" and take it home to my SO.

      For the record, I was a major sweet tooth pre-primal. I would definitely have indulged in the crappy weird sweets from the grocery every time. I genuinely enjoy the occasional baked good now, without guilt. I consider it a victory that every so often I can enjoy a treat, not feel guilty and know that I won't want another one for a couple of weeks.

      YMMV. I abstained for a long time before I had a sweet when I started Primal. I remember it well. I had a cupcake and the cake was dry and the icing was sickly sweet and I was like WTF???? This sucks! Pretty much the only sweets I indulge in are from a French bakery, heavy on butter and eggs, and not super sweet. Occasionally I have dessert out at restaurants, but if it is too sugary, I just don't eat it. My palette has definitely changed.

      But yeah, office sweets can be a pain in the ass when someone is insulted when you don't when their crappy Entemann's shit or "world famous Reese's Cookies" or from a box brownies. My advice to keep the piece is to take one for later and drop it in the trash.
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        I just don't eat them. Donuts and bagels actually make me feel bloated and crappy so it's easy to not eat them.

        That being said when my wife makes chocolate chip cookies for my son in college I will indulge in a couple and then pack the rest up and get them out of the house.


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          I hear ya, somewhat. I'm at least lucky that my co-workers don't bring in sweets very often, so I just splurge a little on the rare occasion that they do.

          My problem is the vending machine (when I happen to have cash on me) where the chocolate bars are only $0.35 and, worse, the coffee machine that also dispenses hot chocolate, which is free and just a short walk from my desk. Whenever I get stressed out, I immediately start thinking about that hot chocolate, or at least the coffee. I figure coffee isn't TOO bad of a crutch once in awhile, but it doesn't seem like enough sometimes. Hell, between bouts of typing this, I'm sipping on a frothy mocha--god only knows what's in it, but, unfortunately, it's delicious XD

          Yeah, I'm no help, just venting =P
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            For me, it's easy to pass on junk at work. First of all, I'm a germ-ophobe, and seeing the way people get their hands all over food grosses me out. Secondly, I take a gander at the folks feeding at the proverbial trough and think, "Do I want to look like them? No thanks."

            I understand it's probably more challenging if the food is within sight, reach, and smell, but be strong and resisiting will become second nature. Not even entertaining thoughts of, "Should I, or shouldn't I?" also helps. Make it a non-negotiable - you will NOT eat (fill in the blank), and that's final.


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              Just keep working on dropping 'food' from your perception of junk food. Just 'junk'. I mean, if they left colorfully colored plastic and rubber pieces, you won't feel like eating them even if they smell nice. Plus, in baked goods, aroma is the best, and you can get it without damaging your health. One I adopted this attitude, I just don't suffer regret of not eating the 'treats'.
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                I’m surprised no one has touched on the fact that the OP works in a hospital. A hospital! That’s sad. Those people have no excuse for bringing/displaying such junk food. But I know, that’s the way it is in every hospital these days. The last time I was in a hospital (visiting family…otherwise I avoid hospitals and doctor’s offices like the plague) I couldn't help but notice all of the vending machines. They even had an ice cream vending machine.

                I don’t eat bad food at work. It’s just a “rule” I made for myself and have been able to stick to. But I don’t sit anywhere near the vending/junk food area. The OP does, and that’s rough. Is there any way they can put the food somewhere else? Will power can only do so much when the stuff is right there in front of you.
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                  I actually put a picture on my office door of the kinds of food I will eat and then I asked the people who like to go around bringing you stuff if they would kindly check the picture before offering. I had to point at the picture several times before they understood. Yesterday one guy said he finally had something on my list: an avocado. Yay!
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                    Is leangains so strict that breakfast is the meal you are required to skip? Can you skip dinner instead? If you skip dinner, at work you'll have a big breakfast in your tummy and a big lunch to look forward to at work, without changing the number of hours that you are in a fasting state. That may help stave off the donut cravings.

                    Mr. Koozie, the vending machines in hospitals are a tragedy. Who are you likely to find in a hospital? Families of sick and dying patients! They don't want to leave the patient to go to the cafeteria, they have screaming restless kids who (rightfully) sense the awfulness and just want out of there, they are trying to make life or death decisions in the hallway, they are constantly run over by doctors, nurses, jangling machines, other families...they are stressed out beyond belief. It's a junk food exec's wet dream.
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                      This might be bad of me...but when I looked at the people that eat the junk at my office it also kept me from eating it. Eat crap, look like crap. I want to be healthy and thin, so therefore I avoid it. QUOTE]

                      And when they try to push the crap on you they always say stuff like "but you're so skinny you can afford it!" Um yeah, think about that just a little more...
                      Breathe. Move forward.

                      I just eat what I want...


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                        Easy! Add value, contribute. Lead by example. Counteract the junk with the clean.

                        Bring in a few lbs of bacon strips and set them next to the cakes.
                        Cook up a beef roast or pulled pork roast and place it next to the donuts.
                        Bring some sour cream + seasoning for dip with veggies.
                        Set the oranges next to the cookies.
                        Whip up some cream and strawberries and set them next to the candy.

                        When you head to the table, you can easily pick up those foods instead... and who knows, maybe others naturally follow. And when they're curious, you can tell them all about the goodness they're eating too.

                        Be careful though, you might find the bacon disappearing faster than the cookies leaving none for yourself!!
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                          I still haven't heard much on how to handle "wanting" to eat vs "being hungry" I'm not convinced paleo/primal solves for that. Willpower is NOT a viable long term solution (if it was, no one would have any addiction issues to anything - food, drugs, alcohol - but I digress) I do agree, with time it does get easier overall but there are still bad days / weak moments. We are human.

                          That said, my solution has been chewing gum - especially a stronger flavor like cinnamon or peppermint. I'm sure gum isn't considered paleo/primal but whatever but I figure that is far better than downing 3 glazed donuts every morning.

                          The other thing I do, sans the chewing gum distraction, is ask myself -- will this be worth it? If I'm going to cheat, it better be damn good. I don't want to waste my "cheats" for something mediocre. Many times that alone keeps me from eating the junk.


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                            What I do. Walk away.


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                              I stay picky. One tiny chocolate from an assorted chocolates box if the ingredients wouldn't kill a rat, fine. A small cup of free ice cream leftover from some work party, again, if the ingredients are okay, fine. But no grain-based junk, it's not food. People offer it to me, I just tell then I'm allergic to - insert grain food - , they make me break out in fat.
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                                I eat it. Most of the time its like a biscuit/chocolate every day or two, so who cares.
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