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WSJ Report fatty liver in kids

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  • WSJ Report fatty liver in kids

    The Wall Street Journal today discussed among housing prices and investments an article that children are popping up with diseases common in overweight adults. Fructose unlike other sweeteners is processed through the liver and can be stored as fat there. Kids eating lots of this cheap toxic sweetener who are overweight are most at risk. Feeding sweets to kids horrifies me. You can only do so much in a completely deceived culture where adults think they're doing something nice by giving a cute kid say, a lollipop. Why not hand over a cigarette while you're at it? The Southwest Asians while I was overseas confided their opinion of Americans being too fat. Who can argue when greedy business men/women who manufacture health destroying toxins labeled as "food" have a close working relationship with pharmaceutical companies and doctors.
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    The one that blew me away was when I was watching "Sugar, the bitter truth" and learned that baby formula has so much HFCS that it's the equivalent of a "shake in a bottle". Disgusting! That's NOT food. It's no wonder kids have an addiction to sugar- many of them are fed sugar from day 1. (Obviously I'm excluding breast fed infants)
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      Food is just one variable.
      Physical activity is far more an important variable for kids. And kids are influenced by parents and teachers.
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        There is nothing wrong with a lollipop now and then. The problem is that most foods that seem like foods have sugar and corn syrup as ingredients, and even when it's listed you don't have any real idea how much is actually in there. So you can think you are feeding your kid real food but you aren't. Try reading labels at a 99c only store. There is almost nothing there in a can that isn't tainted with sugar.
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          There are probably some uncomfortable demographic lines to draw here. I regularly visit neighborhoods of various income levels and there are absolutely places where cookies for dinner is not an emergency compromise but weekday routine. I knew one immigrant family who did that because their landlord charged outrageous rates for cooking gas.

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