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    I'm so glad you've posted this jenhamer, as I was wanting to post something like this myself

    I'm by no means as petite as you (124lbs and 5'2") but I also don't want to get any smaller!

    I'm a commuting cyclist averaging about 10 miles a day over 5 days with the occasional 20+mile ride thrown in on the weekend. Just recently I've increased the intensity of my daily rides (new app has brought out my competitive side) and I think it's this that's kick started a reduction in weight again.

    I'm not fully primal yet, but have certainly been low gi for a while now so the transition isn't that hard for me to make - I am however struggling to let go of my morning porridge (natural oats made with boiled water and honey) and this thread has been great to give me some tips too and some things to add to my shopping list so thank you