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  • Help with VAP test results

    I was hoping some people here could me make sense of my recent VAP test results. For some context I've been on a primal diet with daily IF (10PM-2PM) heavily influenced by Bulletproof thinking (high quality fats only) for 18 mths. In that time, I've seen incredible results and feel great. My doctor's first reaction to the VAP results was concern, though not, dramatic concern at my LDL levels. I have a history of heart disease in my family and we tend to run high in cholesterol counts. That said, would love to see what people think of these results. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    We can't see the results...can you copy and paste or host somewhere else? The approval otherwise may take a while.


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      Originally posted by mks8500 View Post
      We can't see the results...can you copy and paste or host somewhere else? The approval otherwise may take a while.
      Oops--hopefully this works!

      VAP Cholesterol Profile (804500)
      VAP Cholesterol Profile
      LDL Cholesterol 179 High mg/dL <130 01
      HDL Cholesterol 56 mg/dL >=40 01
      VLDL Cholesterol 19 mg/dL <30 01
      Cholesterol, Total 255 High mg/dL <200 01
      Triglycerides 85 mg/dL <150 01
      Non HDL Chol. (LDL+VLDL) 198 High mg/dL <160 01
      apoB100-calc 123 High mg/dL <109 01
      LDL-R (Real)-C 157 High mg/dL <100 01
      Lp(a) Cholesterol 6.0 mg/dL <10 01
      IDL Cholesterol 16 mg/dL <20 01
      Remnant Lipo. (IDL+VLDL3) 27 mg/dL <30 01
      Probable Metabolic Syndrome No No 01
      HDL-2 (Most Protective) 13 mg/dL >10 01
      HDL-3 (Less Protective) 44 mg/dL >30 01
      VLDL-3 (Small Remnant) 11 High mg/dL <10 01
      LDL1 Pattern A 28.5 mg/dL 01
      LDL2 Pattern A 51.7 mg/dL 01
      LDL3 Pattern B 67.7 mg/dL 01
      LDL4 Pattern B 9.4 mg/dL 01
      LDL Density Pattern A A 01


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        Anyone? Thanks!


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          Originally posted by Chadwickw View Post
          Anyone? Thanks!
          Your results look almost identical to mine my VAP. I posted my HDL test today when I used to get the VAP. My cardiologist suggested I take a statin to lower LDL but I refused. I think as long as your tri's are lower and mostly pattern A, you should be OK. I'd try reducing most processed foods to get the tri's lower.

          Good luck!
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            Looking good but not great. HDL could go higher and trigs a bit lower
            Four years Primal with influences from Jaminet & Shanahan and a focus on being anti-inflammatory. Using Primal to treat CVD and prevent stents from blocking free of drugs.

            Eat creatures nose-to-tail (animal, fowl, fish, crustacea, molluscs), a large variety of vegetables (raw, cooked and fermented, including safe starches), dairy (cheese & yoghurt), occasional fruit, cocoa, turmeric & red wine


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              x2... what does your diet look like?


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                check out this post


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                  Originally posted by paint94979 View Post
                  x2... what does your diet look like?
                  Thanks, everyone! My diet, I thought, was really great. It looks like this, almost every day.

                  8am-2pm, black coffee.
                  2pm, large salad with greens, cabbage, avocados, hard boiled pastured eggs, and any other vegetable around. dressed with olive oil and balsamic
                  5pm-10pm, grazing (lots of olives, some nuts), and a dinner of grass-fed/pastured protein and sauteed green. Some dark chocolate and/or coconut butter for dessert.

                  Since I started this routine, I've dropped almost 25lbs and have gone from waist size 34-35 to 29.


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                    unless youre eating a huge amount of meat at dinner there is no way you are getting close to enough calories... If you wanna increase HDL you are going to want to get more grass fed butter, and fat into your diet. Do you exercise?


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                      Originally posted by peril View Post
                      Looking good but not great. HDL could go higher and trigs a bit lower
                      I agree. Can't really say if you should make any changes cause for all we know this is a vast improvement over what it use to be. I'd say keep up what your doing... Add 2 days of good resistance training a week (will help raise HDL and could help lower the bad stuff), recheck in another year or two.

                      I'd say these results are nothing to be scurred about. Just keep up what you are doing and make any small improvements that you can to your lifestyle from here. And don't stress


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                        Cool, thanks. I've been doing about 30 mins of Mark's Primal Fitness Blueprint (pushups, pullups, squats, core) 2.5x/week about about 120 mins of yoga per week.


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                          How is that not advertising?


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                            Well, my name is Laz and I am not giving you my phone number....but I am a medical doctor. I can try to help as much as I can. I look at sheets like yours all day, so this is very SOP for me

                            The trigly are not where I would like them to be long-term, but from your post it sounds as if you are still transitioning. The same goes for the HDL numbers, which are not taking out your VLDL as much as would be ideal.....this high number does appear to have more a genetic component than others, and it is highly implicated in coronary artery disease. That said, it will gradually get pushed down (it is one over threshold now, not an emergency) as your HDL climbs.

                            As an example, I have seen long-time paleo guys that have higher total chol by a lot, but their HDL to LDL is close to 1:2, and this pushes their VLDL into almost nothing. Pattern A is usually 70-80% predominant...and for these reasons, any doctor that would be upset by their numbers hasn't read any coronary literature since the Clinton Administration.

                            I would say to keep it simple. Do what others have recommended with diet, let it work slow. I cannot imagine how far it has likely all come for you.

                            As an aside, do you have any glucose numbers? They are often taken as a part of the VAP lineup, and they would be very helpful to understand where you are metabolically.

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