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Increase calories to break plateau?



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  • Increase calories to break plateau?

    So i've been dieting for about 3-4 months. I'm a female, 5'2", started at 142 lbs and now down to 133. I'm not technically overweight anymore but i'm still well above where my body normally is and have a little more BF than I want. I'm very active so my calorie maintenance needs are upwards of 2,200+. As a deficit i've been eating about 1700-1800 and that went smoothly up until now. I think my body is stressed from the dieting as i've noticed i'm feeling more cold, losing more hair, and my periods have been 5-6 days late.

    I'm already slightly hypothyroid, and since my levels went down a bit my doctor adjusted my meds accordingly. I'm still seeing some changes in body comp but I think i'm going to hit a plateau soon. Would this be a good time to try increasing calories? My doctor said to try it, but he didn't have much more to say than that. Has anyone had this experience before? Any insight on how much I should increase by? Or maybe I just need more carbs or something?

    I'm not really tracking macros, just eyeballing, and it's working for me. I'm just roughly tracking calories. I started low carb high prot, high fat- and now i'm more high protein, moderate carb and moderate fat. For exercise I lift weights moderately 4x a week and usually do cardio or a crossfit class 1x a week. I also walk my dog 60 min a day.

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    You should certainly consider implementing a carb refeed once per week, or just a day on which you overeat in general.
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