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  • Smoothies

    So I just started primal at the end of August. Not through the 21 day challenge book yet.

    I read in the book not to do the naked drinks, smoothies and acai drinks. But those are my go to for a quick snack. I also use a smoothie with fresh fruit for breakfast some times with almond milk.

    Should I stop doing this? I don't drink these all the time. One bottle of acai had lasted me all month.
    What do you all think?

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    I make a smoothie almost every day. I use raw homemade kefir, a banana, and berries, sometimes some gelatinized maca powder.
    One of my favorite things to consume.

    I wouldn't drink those naked drinks though.
    I never know what to put in these things. I write songs!


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      berries, coconut milk, banana, kale, cinnamon and vanilla. It's a nutritious and delicious combination. Add powdered kelp if you want extra iodine and a spoon of matcha if you want to dodge cancer and become superhuman.
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        I use smoothies whenever I'm feeling tired of my usual breakfast of eggs and kippers. Sounds just fine to me.
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          Smoothies are fine. If you're tying to lose weight, I would avoid the store-bought juices. Some of them are okay (Naked has a mango/orange juice with relatively benign ingredients), but try to have them no more than once a week.


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            If you are doing the challenge and it says not to drink smoothies, I would give them up for the 21 days and give it a chance. I wouldn't be surprised if you came back and said "why was I drinking my food?". It's only 21 days.

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              Are you fat? If you are fat, drinking your calories is not a good idea because it's too easy to get too many calories when they come in liquid form. Also, most of those naked juices and similar drinks are full of sugar, full of simple carbohydrates and many of the smoothies and blender drinks out there are full of enormous quantities of ice cream.
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