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    i recently Got out of an immobilizer for a sprained MCL and the doctor gave me orders to wear this different tube brace for 10 days…which I did. Got an MRI and he said I didn’t need surgery b/c im young and he thinks it would heal on its own. He said after a week I should start strength training exercises to build up the muscles in my knee, which again I did. Through small half-assed looking squats, high knee walking, laying & sitting leg lifts- I did it 3 times for a week.

    Today I took a bad step at the post office going down the steps and now I cannot straighten my knee, it is HUGE, and the pain is in the back at the bend part as opposed to the inside where it was before…

    Is there ANYTHING you can think of to help the pain.
    I had fatttttty fish for dinner cooked in butter & coconut oil, and took 2 krill oil caps hoping to act as antiinflammatroy. Been icing my knee(the back) since I got home..

    Any thoughts or advice??
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    Oh man, that is no good.

    Rest, ice, compress, elevate! Also, you should really take an anti-inflammatory. I know, it's drugs, but sometimes they're needed. Also, have you considered calling your doctor to tell him or her what happened?


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      Definitely second gini above on the rest/ice/compress/elevate. Also the antiinflammatory, try ibuprofen (Advil) or naprosyn (Aleve). Store brands are as good as brand names, and cheaper. Use the ice 20 min on 20 min off tonight, during the day tomorrow too. Check in with your dr or a clinic/er if it feels worse tomorrow.
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        Ginger tea might work. No promises but the stuff is great for systemic inflammation.
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          Been there with the MCL...

          All you can really do now is RICE, as suggested, maybe take some advil or something similar as well. Unfortunately I don't think food is going to have a large effect on your knee for the time being - just eat the typical primal way you have been. Swelling is the natural response and just takes time to go down...

          If its any help, I found yoga (bikram), and surfing helped me the most in rehabbing my MCL (this was ~10 years after the initial injury, though).


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            Pineapple is meant to be a good natural antiinflammatory


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              .......oh my goodness it hurts....

              i RICE-ed all night and at 3am when iwa stil awake in pain i took an epsom salt bath....then more RICE....thanks guys
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