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Pineapple not on shopping list!!!



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    Primal blueprint allows for ~100-150 grams carbs/day. So enjoy your pineapple and cut back on carbs somewhere else. But maybe not every day. Fruit sugar is so easily digested and gives you a sugar rush. It's better to eat the carbs as vegetables. The added fiber slows down the sugar absorption.
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      I am happy I had my pineapple and not worried I had some, it's nice to know I can have some another time. I will stick to my frozen raspberries for now and other berries.

      Nice to meet you all and I am sorry I don't get the joke, sad thing is I still don't. I am never good at getting a joke, is this what you call dry humour??? My parents are Irish but I was brought up in London, I left there 27 years ago and now I am a lost soul in italy.........
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