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Is this insulin resistance?



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    I started to get insomnia in week four. I am someone who needs/love sleep! So I would fall asleep fine around nine and be up from 1-5 and fall back asleep until my kids woke me at six.
    Hotmail - are you still very low carb? I actually felt great low/lower carb but I am unsure of the long term implications of it all.

    The thing is I am not overweight. But I feel and look better under 120. I get a very bloated stomach look and I feel sluggish
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      I was very low carb for 2 years, the up before crack of dawn is typical around week 4 and lasts for few months only, I really loooooved it, woke up around 4 am and did so much before going to work, I loved the extra energy and didn't consider it insomnia at all lol , I filled the time with starting my cooking around 4am, while the cooking was being done I went on my treadmill to do my exercise, or did an exercise video, then had my big VLC breakfast if I fancied it (soemtimes ate it while watching one of them classic black and white movies ), then showered and did my hair in good time to go to work... so there.. I loved the extra time and the extra energy lol, it was a me me me time, all about me!! (so I never cleaned the house during the time come to think of it !!!)

      But unfortunately that effect doesn't last and you'd start to sleep more soon enough i.e. in a few months worth of VLC.

      I did feel better on VLC or no carbs, but I had a digestion issue after an operation I had, and couldn't digest my food, many people advised me to take HCL but I was too scared, I finally took it and digestive enzymes and was OK after a few months, but then I really had to quit VLC. Another thing is my hair started shedding, but it always does every time I go on LC diet and lose weight, so am taking plenty of biotin now.

      I am back on VLC about 2.5 weeks now, and can't wait to get the early morning rise stage, am back on it mainly becasue I have eczema and the only time it cleared 100% for two years is when I went VLC. I tried many many elimination diet since then, but still have no clue what causes my eczema, so am going VVLC now and see if it clears again.


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        Originally posted by Muppet View Post
        Do you have any annoying diet tweaking advice?
        It's hard to give blanket advice on how to improve your gut health. I've had colonic spasms confirmed by endoscopy, but I also suspect a mild inflammatory component based on things that don't treat me well and seem to overlap with IBD (nightshades, yeast*, carrageenan), so I don't eat those. I also don't use probiotics anymore. Maybe they help, but to me they're not worth the pain. So what I do eat is lean red meat, chicken, seafood, sugary fruit, fibrous roots and tubers, and white rice. Oatmeal on occasion. Also, no dairy or chocolate and minimal caffeine.

        That's not to say all or any of that will work for you, but if I had to guess which foods you might benefit from removing, it would be dairy and nightshades. Possibly not nightshades, who knows. It also doesn't hurt to eat plant foods with anti-spasmodic properties, like garlic.

        *kombucha contains yeast
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