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Goal weight vs. current weight caloric intake question



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    I agree. Thank you! I am not obsessed with a date, but, like everyone else, I would like to get it off as quickly and healthily (is that a word?) as possible. I have not been able to consume 1200 calories on any day as I am in ketosis and keeping my fat grams lower than is the normal for the PD. I will reassess my fat gram intake after I get my lipid profile results at the end of the year. There has only been one day when I felt hungry and ignored it. For the most part, I have always been a 1 1/2 meal a day person.
    Paleo Diet: 8-25-13 Wt: 185 BF% 27
    Primal Diet (Lower Fat/Carb): 9-27, Wt: 176.4
    Potato Hack Diet (Rotation): 11-12, Wt: 171.2
    Primal Diet (LF/C): 1-23-14, Wt: 159.6
    1-30-2014 - 157 (lowest weight since 2004)
    GAPS/SCD 12-29-2014
    CW: 164 GW: 130-135 CBF%: 24.38
    49 - 5'7.5"
    Macros (PFC) 30/40/30