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Stupid vegetable broth Tuna >:|



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  • Stupid vegetable broth Tuna >:|

    Hadn't had tuna in a long time. I always preferred it in water, as the tuna in oil is rather greasy.

    Anyways, two days ago I grabbed a big can of tuna "in water", got home and made it up with sour cream (thank you for the mayo replacement tip, all). Idly reading the nutrition facts when I spot "contains soy". Then I remembered an old thread here about seed oil in tuna, and there it was - Vegetable Broth (Contains soy). Damn it.

    So last night I started hunting through the isle for Tuna without stupid seed oils in it. I had to actually -hunt- for it. Best I could find at my local mart was tuna in olive oil. Skeptical about that, too. What the hell, tuna canning people? Is seed oil now cheaper than water?

    Grumble grumble, m,b&c...


    EDIT: Also, I'm guessing eating five servings of tuna in one go is pushing my luck with mercury isn't it?

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    Originally posted by MEversbergII View Post
    EDIT: Also, I'm guessing eating five servings of tuna in one go is pushing my luck with mercury isn't it?
    Don't know about mercury but five servings sound disgusting.
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      It is hard to find soy-free tuna. Trader Joe's and Whole Foods have it though. And it's actually not over-priced (I don't think) at $1.69/can.

      I think the soy is used in making the vegetable broth. I don't think the canned tuna actually contains soybean oil. I have no idea why they do this though.


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        Yep. That was what got me to give up tuna in a can. I did first try skipjack tuna which was reasonably priced, but I didn't like it. Then I started looking for canned products that were bpa-free. Finally I just said screw it. If I prorate the price of canned albacore tuna in a bpa-free can over a pound, I can buy salmon for the same price (though I have to buy 20 pounds at a time).

        Freakin' soy in tuna. First pink slime in the ground beef (my first hissy fit), then the soy in the tuna. It can make a person want to don a foil beany and go yell at people on a street corner.
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          Canned seafood is a staple but ya, the ingredient lists are all over the place. At a common supermarket the tuna options can be pretty dire so I look at the mackerel and herring too.

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            The tuna in the silvery cans are isually soy free and chicken of the sea no drain tuna is soy free. They generally run about $2 a can. You also have to be careful with the sardines.


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              Oof, not a fan of tuna, but I do eat canned chicken sometimes--thanks for the heads-up. I don't think I ever really even thought to look at the ingredients list--I think I just took "chicken in water" at face value (tho I should really know better by now).
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                That has been a particular pet peeve of mine. I've been trying to avoid soy for years and I just don't understand why almost everything contains it. I have bought tuna from Whole Foods and Trader Joe's without soy. The other option is to buy it from the kosher section in the supermarket because it doesn't contain soy. The only thing is that they only seem to carry it around Jewish holidays. I have now started getting the Wild Planet brand from Costco and it's very good.


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                  Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
                  It can make a person want to don a foil beany and go yell at people on a street corner.
                  BWAAAA HAAAA....good one. Made me blast laugh.
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