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Great skin but my blemishes/acne won't heal.



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  • Great skin but my blemishes/acne won't heal.


    This has confused me for a while. I look at my skin and it's quite soft and clear. But all over my face I have blemishes from previous spots/acne. I can't figure out why my skin is good but my blemishes won't heal. I get a lot of Omega 3 from fish and seeds on a daily basis, so I find it hard to believe it's an inflamation thing, although I wouldn't rule it out.

    It would be wonderful if someone could give me an idea of why this is happening and what I can do to improve it.

    Thanks for your time,


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    Can you describe what you mean by "blemishes"? If your skin is otherwise clear and you are not getting new acne, those could be scars.
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      Kind of faint bruises are left behind for months and months after a spot is gone. So it looks like it just hasn't healed competently.


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        Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Pretty common. They are often referred to as scars, they can take a long time to heal, months to years in some cases. Keep well moisturised.


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          Try one of the following solutions...
          -hydroxy acid peel
          -aspirin mask (basically another acid peel, just cheaper). I pair this with a sugar (more acid) and scrub away for 1-2 mins before letting it sit.
          -tumeric paste (Indian peeps use it to lighten their complexion)
          -mederma. It is for healing scars.

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