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If I am not hungry in the morning, should I eat or is this marketing BS?

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  • If I am not hungry in the morning, should I eat or is this marketing BS?

    Many times I am not hungry in the morning and I don't really want to force myself to eat.

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    If you are not hungry then don't eat unless you are trying to gain weight. I feel better and more energetic all day if I wait to eat till around 11 am when I am starting to get very hungry.
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      Are you needing to pack on some weight? If so, go for it. If not, why force feed if you aren't hungry?

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        Force feeding yourself due to culturally prescribed meal times is how you get fat. Listen to your belly, if you are hungry then eat. If you aren't then don't. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore


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          I haven't had AM calories in a couple years, it would feel strange now.

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            Eat when hungry. Stop when full.

            If you're eating whole foods you can eat till your heart's content. Or not.


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              I do eat in the morning, most of the time because I'm hungry but mainly because I need to have something in my stomach for my meds.
              It's annoying because I could go the whole morning without food if I didn't needed to eat breakfast. When I have breakfast I'm hungry the whole day...I keep eating even when everything I eat is primal.
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                I feel better and more energetic all day if I wait to eat till around 11 am when I am starting to get very hungry.


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                  Marielle, what you are describing is quite common. I can give you a trick:
                  prepare yourself a big plate of shirataki noodles. It has virtually 0 cal, and will fill you up! And the bonus of the konjac root is that it is a very good prebiotic.

                  To prepare them, rinse the noodles carefully under lukewarm water, squeeze out the water when done (the weirdo smell is the water that comes with them in the package). Then dry-fry them for like 10mn on a hot pan. You can add a little fat if you want but it is not necessary. The noodles won't stick. Then add some herbs and salt. They're a little more chewy than regular noodles but really, you may find them a good breakfast substitute.


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                    Generally I eat when hungry, but sometimes if I know I am going to be out and about with no access to food all day I eat a huge breakfast that will keep me full all day.. when I was travelling in the Far East a couple of years ago, I was out all day, the hotel to my surprise had an amazing buffet that included a lot of fatty Malay curries and japanese style breakfast (seaweed soups / fish and the like) the Malay curry was sooooo fatty and a lot of coconut oil in it, the Japanese like soup (onse you prepare yourseld as they give you ingredients and you add the hot stock to it) so I had a huge breakfast and didn't feel hungry the rest of the day... my eating times / habits shifted during that time, and was really happy with it..

                    When I go off plan and want to come back to clean eating, I do force myself to eat a good breakfast (burgers or steak), if I am full with fatty meat, then I know I would be too full to stray or crave bad food. But once am back on track, I end up eating whenever am hungry.
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                      This is such a personal thing. Every body is different. Your best bet is to get to know yourself. Me telling you what I do doesn't help you know your body (it does give ideas, but it can also create confusion).

                      Try different things and see if your body likes it. Let your mind and body communicate. They might just enjoy working together.



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                        Everyone functions differently so if you're not hungry, don't bother eating until you are hungry!