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Help with Food "lingo"



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  • Help with Food "lingo"

    so i am an an Aussie and after using Paleotrack (which i love) for over a week now i find i am constantly finding myself "lost in translation" with what we call a food, and what paleotrack is calling a food item.

    so help me out....

    Aussie - yellow button squash

    Aussie - baby spinach leaves

    Aussie - green zucchini

    these are 3 items i eat ALOT of daily but i just get the feeling paleotrack and i aren't on par
    thanks for any help!

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    The yellow squash is sometimes called pattypan (patty pan) squash. It's very similar to yellow summer squash or zucchini.

    I would just call it spinach.

    Just call it Zucchini.

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      I don't use Paleotrack, but just going by your pics, try:

      Pattypan or Summer squash for yellow button squash
      Spinach should be the same as baby spinach
      Zucchini is what we call it, so not sure why there's an issue unless Ptrack doesn't like the "green"

      Oops - was typing while oceangrl posted.
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        thanks ladies
        yeah i have just been saying spinach in general
        so "summer" squash, ok, i tried pattypan cause believe it or not from playing "farmville" i remembered it as pattypan but PT didnt register anything there. from memory i think PT calls it a squash, summer, zucchini.

        i just know you call some type of pumpkin a squash and didnt want PT thinking i was eating pumpkin all day when i am actually avoiding it during these first couple of months.