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Could I be allergic to coconut oil?

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  • Could I be allergic to coconut oil?


    I am new being eating Primal for nearly a month, feeling great ! I want to lose weight, I have lost some pounds already, not as many as I had wished, but as long as the numbers move to the right side, Im happy. My husband also joined me eating Primal, even though he doesnt need to lose weight, but he also feels great!

    Lately, I have been very itchy, limbs specially, and I am not sure what is causing it. Initially I thought it could be the brazilian nuts, so I had none yesterday and still got very itchy, so I thought maybe it could have been the coconut oil I used to make a beef stir fry; I had a really bad night sleep because of the itchiness. Today, I had coconut oil at lunch used to fry chicken, and I am now very itchy !

    I have never in my life suffered any food allergies ! I love anything with coconut and it is only in the last week that I have noticed there is something I am eating (by process of elimination) I would hate to be allergic to coconut,I love it , should I give it up completely? will it go away? TIA.

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    Not likely a true allergy since allergens are proteins, of which coconut oil has none. Histamine response is important for sleep--it could be affected by many other things like household/personal products or seasonal weather.

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      One day is probably not a good enough test. Try giving up coconut and nuts for a couple of weeks (some say 30 days) and then reintroduce them one at a time. I have elusive itches and small bumps that I havent figured out what to blame it on. I suspect it may be dairy, so giving it up for 30 days and then reintroducing it slowly and keeping my fingers crossed. I love my cottage cheese.

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        Could it be more fat than your liver can handle? Itching is a problem in people whose livers go slow.


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          Simplest solution is to eliminate it for a week, then try it again.

          Despite all the hoopla, I don't eat coconut oil. I just don't feel good when I do.

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            What type/brand of oil? Some lesser quality ones are extracted from Coconuts chemically and you could have issues with the chems.


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              Originally posted by picklepete View Post
              Not likely a true allergy since allergens are proteins, of which coconut oil has none.
              I was under the impression that if someone has for instance a peanut allergy they should avoid peanut oil as well. Although I guess even if the oil should be refined enough to not contain any protein at all, it would be just as a precaution due to possible contamination during manufacture.

              If you're still having issues with your current coconut oil I would look for a different brand -- perhaps even one that is refined and odorless. You could also try eating a small amount of fresh or desiccated coconut meat just to rule out an allergy.


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                Thanks for the replies, I ended taking an anti-histamine. It is not because of chemicals, I havent changed anything lately (same shower gel, detergent, etc) The liver option I already thought about it too, since itchiness is a sign of something going on in the liver. I use a "raw" coconut oil, which I suppose it's as natural as I can get. But in the meantime, I will take it out of my diet for a while to see if it makes a difference.


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                  Just to add that I had to throw away the coconut flour I bought because I tried it three times to make sure I wasn't imagining it and it made me ill. And my sh*t stunk of coconut as well lol hope that's not tmi! The flour made me feel like my skin was crawling and a kind of weird neuralgia along with a bad gut.