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craving good food = bad cravings?

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  • craving good food = bad cravings?

    i have been following a paleo diet with small amounts of dairy for about two months now, going great guns, there has been a bit of weight loss, a lot better sleeping, better well being, very happy about it all.

    a recent development though, and I'm going to ask for some advice and or thoughts, because all of a sudden i have these cravings.....

    i would knock an old lady over for her apple

    i would walk across hot coals for watermelon

    i would sell my mother for a banana

    and DON'T ask me what i would do for pineapple

    whats going on with me?

    at the moment i have at least 1 but maybe two serves of fruit a day.
    prior to this diet i could go a week or more without fruit in my bad days so its not like i am even someone who was fruit or fruit juice crazy who has scaled back.

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    You need to eat more.
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      It's not a choice between zero fruit and pounds of fruit per day. Eat some fruit. If it causes you to binge, only buy a couple of pieces at a time, and eat them after your evening meal. Except for grains, industrial oils, and legumes, this is perhaps the least restrictive "diet" on the planet.

      If you're worried about too many carbs, you can do a little easy planning. Maybe don't eat fruit on a day when you're going to eat potatoes or rice. Or learn to incorporate fruit into your meals - pineapple tastes great in some curries. Eat berries - most are lower carb than a lot of other fruits.
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        If you are worried about your carb intake I'd understand but honestly 4 medium size apples might ad 100 grams of carbs. If you supplement that with only meat, eggs and minimum veggies your good for one day. ditch the fruits the other...
        If you are craving fruits that much, plan a binging day for that... your body will be so much happier with you for binging on fruits than on candy or wheat based things...
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          You might just need more carbs than you are currently taking in. Maybe look at tossing in a carb refeed day a week and see if the cravings don't go away.
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            By the time you are developing these cravings maybe it isn't your body who is wrong but it is your approach to dieting.

            Eat more fruit. Simple. Fruit isn't the enemy... As long as you aren't using it as a crutch, there is no reason why you are restricting to 1 piece of fruit a day.

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              Alternatively, you may well feel great and function fine while eating a lot of protein and fat and almost no carbs - but only if you eat enough.
              Crohn's, doing SCD