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Coconut oil intolerance! What other oils can help W/ Keto?

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  • Coconut oil intolerance! What other oils can help W/ Keto?

    Hi all. My husband's Alcat test results just came back, & it shows he has a moderate intolerance to Coconut oil. (Olive oil, too). Not what I wanted to see! We use coconut oil for Primal cooking, + he was eating 2 tbsp per day to eat more carbs & still maintain a ketogenic state for weight loss without hunger. It had been working really well. (The 2 Tbsp/ day coconut oil for Keto help was recommended per Paul Jaminet of "Perfect Health Diet" on one of his website articles). Anyone know what other oils we can use for Keto to replace the coconut oil? It has to do with using short or medium chain fats. Apparently coconut oil is comprised of both short And medium chain fats, so I'm not sure of what to replace it with. Thanks! You guys never let me down!

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    First off I'd ignore the Alcat test results since those tests notoriously produce inconsistent results and are not accepted by the wider scientific community. ALCAT test - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The only real way to diagnose a food allergy is by removing the potential allergen from the diet for a period of time. Then reintroduce it and see if there is any reaction.

    If he's been able to eat 2T a day with no adverse effects, he should just keep eating it.

    Personally, I can't eat very much coconut fat or coconut milk as it makes me naseaus. I don't need a test to tell me something in it doesn't agree with me. My mom has the same issue so we suspect it may be genetic.

    If you are looking for a coconut oil alternative, I recommend Clarified Butter or Ghee. If even Ghee has too much dairy for you, try Red Palm Oil.

    Lard and Beef Tallow are other choices, you can even render them yourself in the crock pot.
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      I agree with mmmpork. If your husband has been eating coconut oil without issues, I wouldn't change what he is doing based on one single test. So many things can cause false positives even in the most accurate test. The single biggest indicator of how to eat is gong to be based on how the food makes him feel.

      So that being said. Were there allergy symptoms that you to testing for or was it simply for the sake of knowing?