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  • Complicated Family Eating

    I have a complicated eating situation at home. I've had none Celiac gluten intolerance for nearly 20 years and am now completely immersed in the primal lifestyle, nearly at my target weight and have just taken up surfing at the age of 46. My wife has been vegetarian since age 12. It was a defence mechanism against her mother's "cooking" and now she physically can't eat meat or fish. She loves eggs and diary and cooks a great steak! She believes strongly that other people should meat and fish, but its not for her. She is reducing her intake of grains and bad carbs and never eats processed foods or drinks but is finding it difficult to be 100% Primal. We've always eaten different meals at meal time and she's happy to cook them, as am I.

    Now we have a 4 year old daughter who sees us eating different meals, although we try to keep our meals similar.

    My wife seems to enjoy feeding our daughter bread and pasta based meals, gives her lots of sweets (candy) as treats and sugary fruit drinks, although never coca cola or precooked meals. My daughter likes fruit and vegetables and gets plenty of them but also the bad stuff previously mentioned. As a concession she gives our daughter sweet potato instead of the poisonous white potato prevalent in the SAD.

    We often eat 3 different meals or 3 different versions of the same meal at the same time. When I see my daughter stuffing her face with bread or pasta I feel guilty but my wife doesn't want her to be the "weird kid" at school who eats differently from everybody else.

    So, how primal/paleo can kids be? Should I put my foot down and insist? I have a vegetarian wife who cooks me great meat and is slowly trying primal for herself, so I dont want to be ungrateful but I feel we are letting our daughter down.

    How does primal for kids work? What do you recommend?

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    Complicated Family Eating

    First of all white potato isn't "poisonous"... Google for mark's stance on it.

    Anyway, get the kid to eat gluten free and seed oil free. Otherwise I wouldn't worry about it. Rice cereal/pasta, fruit, cheese, meat, eggs, etc.

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      Maybe develop a list of favorite starters and sides that can fit both menus: soups, salads, hot vegetables, tubers and starches, egg dishes, fruit and dairy desserts--then learn how to quickly cook and add the protein portion separately (sort of like a restaurant menu). Excluding the all-meat meals and the all-bread/bean meals might be a fair compromise.

      Kids can tolerate a lot of treats and empty calories but they should be homemade as much as possible. Industrial components are bad news at any age.

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        Originally posted by Nulius In Verba View Post
        .... my wife doesn't want her to be the "weird kid" at school who eats differently from everybody else.

        So, how primal/paleo can kids be? ...
        Have her be the 'cool kid' then, with primal bento lunches. My daughter's friends LOVE to see how her bento lunch is assembled. It is a frequent topic of oohs and ahs, and completely obviates the need for two slices of bread to smack your protein between. Here's what she had today(for an example):

        Beef jerky
        rice crackers(yes, you CAN put grains in sometimes)
        cucumber slices
        dark chocolate

        With bento, it is all about how cute you can make it, and it doesn't take too long before you can do it quickly.

        Other popular proteins that she is always happy to see in her lunches:
        chicken wings
        devilled eggs
        rolled up lunch meats and cheese
        tuna salad with cucumber rice crackers
        celery stuffed with cream cheese or nut butters

        And once a week I make sushi, which is always a hit.


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          Most kids are wildly envious of my kids primal foods...I have 7 kids, all primal with occasional rice and white potatoes. They also have some dairy - cheese, cream, butter and an occasional yogurt. This isn't hard! Tuna salad with grapes and apples, fish tacos (lettuce instead of tortillas), fruits with different dipping sauces, veggie salads w/interesting dressing, imaginative primal desserts. Most children think we are very exotic for our food and lifestyle. We recently moved and had 2 days of not eating strictly primal while staying @ a hotel (after 3 mos of strictly primal) - some sugar and some wheat got in - and my kids (7-17 yo) all agreed they never want to do that again! From aches and pains, severe acne breakouts, no sleep AND my 14 yo daughter had a seizure!!!!! She has never had a seizure before, nor any related probs - the docs cannot find any cause, but thought that gluten or possible msg exposure may be the culprit (no celiac, we just decided this was the best diet for us).
          I hope you and your family can find a solution - being the "weird" kid should never be the reason to delay a beneficial decision, tho....


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            Thanks, is great to hear such a positive story about primal kids. I think we're going to have to take the leap with ours.
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